"From A Distance" is taken from the album "Chill Out Cafe' volume nove"

Zeb, born of Italian and Gypsy parents, moved to England at the early age of 16. At 20 he moved to L.A. and played guitar with the band The Indians (produced by rock master producer Dave Jerden). After moving to NYC at 22, Zeb helped start the great Organic Grooves party and is co-responsible for the making of all their albums (Organic Grooves 1 to 5). During his career hes worked with IRMA Records, Codek Records, Turntables on the Hudson, Wonderwheel Recordings, Stoned Asia and Buddha Bar.

Zeb has been a key producer behind the enormous Global, Dub, Funk movement since 1995, using many aliases such as The Spy From Cairo, The Pleb, Marzebian and more recently Oblio, with partner Sasha Crnobrnja (currently Inflagranti and ex Organic Grooves partner in crime).
Zeb plays electric guitar, Flamenco guitar, Oud and Sitar. He produces, mixes and masters all is works.