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tomhochTom Hoch's transformation into rock star DJ status started in the early 70's. As a roadie for the psychedelic funk polka band "Earl and the Wildcats" Hoch was exposed to styles of music unbeknownst to many. After years of wild after parties with drunken bagpipers and their groupies he decided to make a change in musical styling’s.

Raised in beautiful Saudi Aurora, Colorado, Hoch has been a part of the Denver underground scene since its humble beginnings. Attending many local concerts and listening to new wave, industrial, Seattle style rock, hip hop, old school funk, jazz and early European experimental music the crossover to become a DJ was inevitable.

Starting in late 1995 Hoch started mixing Orlando style breakbeats and minimal techno. The loft on 31st and Larimer was the training ground for Hoch, hosting many parties in the afterhours arena. Spinning with many of the country’s top DJ’s and producers he evolved into playing diverse styles of house, downtempo, hip hop and breaks. Over the past decade Tom Hoch has decided to focus on more than just himself. Looking around Denver’s electronic music scene he noticed that his close friends in Colorado that were writing music, or spinning with other collectives weren’t getting much exposure outside the state. The quality and experience were all there, there was just no marketing or A&R support for these artists. Hoch decided to pool all of the collective resources he had ties with and created Milehighhouse Productions

Milehighhouse is responsible for many successful club nights and special events in Denver. In a the past 10 years Milehighhouse has risen to a leadership role in Colorado’s electronic music world and has produced and been a part of hundreds of events, parties and festivals. Milehighhouse Recordings was launched in October 2002 with its first E.P. release from Ilk. A full-length album, "Out of Thin Air - Vol. 1" was released in August of 2003. Currently Milehighhouse has over 35 releases available exclusively at

Currently Hoch is working as the Head of Label Management for the Americas for

Mile High House

Tom Hoch

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