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thomasstifflingtrioTrumpeter Thomas Siffling is an inherent part of the German jazz scene and because of his creative output it is impossible to imagine the scene without him. He is furthermore said to be a borderliner between various genres and has committed himself to combining electronic elements and influences within a jazz context. With the latest album “Cruisen” the Thomas Siffling Trio (Markus Faller, Jens Loh) presents a delightful easy going Nu Jazz with a high musical ambition and substance. In short, a young and contemporary German Jazz music to relax, groove and feel good!

After being granted the jazz award of Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2005, Thomas Siffling drew attention to his CD “Kitchen Music” (released in January 2007), by touring not only in Germany but also throughout Europe and North America.  In November 2008 the Trio made various festival guest performances in India and Sri Lanka.  Finally in January 2009 the new Trio Album “Cruisen” was released and presented to the public in the course of an ample tour throughout Germany.

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