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superimposersThe Superimposers are Dan Warden and Miles Copeland.  They return with a long awaited single from their new album "Harpsichord Treacle" released on their Wonderfulsound label.  It is an engaging, soulful mix of warm and vintage instrumentation.  With peerless melodic sennsibilities and fuzzy psychedelia, this duo give us a fresh sound in the world of chill.  Hidden gems in the British music scene, harking back to the heady days of maverick originals like Ray Davies, Ronnie Lane and Syd Barrett.

This week we take a track off the compilation, Get Your Stereo Deluxed Vol. 4 (DJ Jondal & Show-B) featuring The Superimposers "Seeing Is Believing".  If you dig this track you need to pick up their new album and take a step back into the future.

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