Artist Track LW Weeks
1 Emapea Check It Out   Debut
2 The Goods Glow 3 5
3 Weber & Weber Turn Around   Debut
4 Yota Diamonds 2 5
5 Weathertunes Take Me Away   Debut
6 Satori ft. Miou Amadee Days Without You (Crussen Remix)   Debut
7 Lemongrass Grapes (remix) ft. Jane Maximova   Debut
8 Sambox Dream for the Night   Debut
9 Sleight of Hands Not in Love ft. Jesse Rennix (In the Clouds Remix)   Debut
10 Third Attempt Open Spaces   Debut
  Artist Track LW Weeks
1 Anatoly Ice Now Is The Time   Debut
2 Yota Diamonds   Debut
3 The Goods Glow   Debut
4 Eddie Silverton Who Said What   Debut
5 Attella Alive   Debut
6 Haux Heartbeat   Debut
7 Enrico Donner Modern Identities (radio edit)   Debut
8 Nightmares on Wax Shape the Future   Debut
9 Saib Blue Memories   Debut
10 Capa Imperfection   Debut
  Artist Track LW Weeks
1 Niteppl Coming Around   Debut
2 Pitch Black Pixel Dust (mcthfg remix)   Debut
3 351 Lake Shore Drive You Don't Know   Debut
4 Joe Goddard Ordinary Madness (Jeremy Greenspan Big Big Loves Mix)   Debut
5 Zone+ & Usif Laya   Debut
6 La Sonrisa De Maria Tahiti Ocean   Debut
7 Unno Comets   Debut
8 Specular Jamaz   Debut
9 Joelle Jay Boy   Debut
10 Porangui Sachamama (Kaminanda Remix)   Debut
  Artist Track LW Weeks
1 ID3 ft. LaMeduza Blossom   Debut
2 Five Seasons Hope   Debut
3 Lemongrass Riddle (Drum & Space Remix by Al Kane)   Debut
4 Sutro Shelter   Debut
5 Ashes & Dreams Song That's Not A Song   Debut
6 Polished Chrome Ladybug is Dreaming of Apple Pie   Debut
7 Celia Felix Whispering Breeze   Debut
8 Sine Flying (Firas Tarhini Remix)   Debut
9 Velvet Dreamer Now Is The Time   Debut
10 Stuce the Sketch Be Mine (Lemongrass Beauty Remix)   Debut
  Artist Track LW Weeks
1 Silence & Air The City   Debut
2 Vittoria Fleet Blue Drops    
3 Polished Chrome Deep Space (Randy Seidman & Ohmanac Remix)    
4 Michael Kiwanuka Cold Little Heart (Andy Caldwell Bootleg)   Debut
5 Naoki Kenji Equalize   Debut
6 Marc Hartman Tears Run For Love   Debut
7 Hatar Raquell   Debut
8 Mac Ayres Lonely 2 5
9 Lanzo Against the Wall   Debut
10 Placid Larry Don't Define Jazz   Debut

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