Artist Track LW Weeks
1 Q-Burns Abstract Messsage Kept In A Shadehouse   Debut
2 Arbitraire Bomo   Debut
3 Holy Ghost! Epton on Broadway, Pt. 1   Debut
4 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly Always 1 4
5 Lovespirals It's Alright 3 4
6 Emapea Last Cypher   4
7 Defizit Feed Your Head   Debut
8 Manatee Commune Growing Pains (ft. Samuel Eisen-Meyers)   Debut
9 Dee C'Rell Of Other 4 4
10 Crazy P Step Into the Light   Debut
  Artist Track LW Weeks
1 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly Always   Debut
2 DnA (Dov and An-ten-nae) Sphinx (DJ Madd Remix)   Debut
3 Lovespirals It's Alright   Debut
4 Dee C'Rell Of Other   Debut
5 Lemongrass Pacific (ft. Jane Maximova)   Debut
6 Emapea Last Cypher   Debut
7 Marc Hartman The Sun Is Shining   Debut
8 Cristian Agrillo Background   Debut
9 Dave Baron & Latouche Finale Heart (Basement Love Remix)   Debut
10 Sine Save Me (Glint Extended Remix)   Debut
  Artist Track LW Weeks
1 Karmacoda Mesmerized   Debut
2 Levinhurst Somewhere Sometime   Debut
3 Lovespirals It's Alright   Debut
4 Manatee Commune ft. Allie Crystal Carried Away   Debut
5 Bristol Love Hope of Deliverance   Debut
6 Blank & Jones Revealed (radio version)   Debut
7 Michiko No Place Like Home   Debut
8 Prince Woods I'll Wait For You   Debut
9 Mellow Men ft. Mr. Sideburns Midnight Mumble   Debut
10 Mister T Black Drop   Debut
  Artist Track LW Weeks
1 Jenna Edwards Feeling It Right   Debut
2 Jake Robertz Frequency ft. Humble   Debut
3 Third Attempt Loading Music   Debut
4 Soledrifter Everything & Nothing ft. Alexandra Morrison   Debut
5 Transfigure Kisses Like Rays of Sun   Debut
6 Weber & Weber Close Your Eyes   Debut
7 Mirage of Deep Walked Alone   Debut
8 Dr. Dundiff What I Want ft. Shania Robinson   Debut
9 Axion Wander   Debut
10 Bugseed City Connection   Debut

Here is a list of the best songs of 2018 featured on Below Zero throughout the year!

1 The Goods Glow
2 Matthew Dear Horses (ft Tegan & Sara)
3 Nightmares on Wax Shape the Future
4 Monta At Odds Grasping Infinity
5 Deadbeat Chato & Avril
6 Geliks Broadway
7 Minor Rain Tomorrow's Sunrise
8 Minor Rain Purple Waves
9 Anatoly Ice Now Is The Time
10 Emapea Check It Out
11 Dub Mars Slowly Everything Goes Faster
12 Sine Stupid Minds (Acoustic Mix)
13 Caoifhionn Rose Awaken
14 Jan & Naomi DABb
15 Yota Diamonds
16 Nickodemus Inmortales (The Spy From Cairo Remix)
17 Beat The Noise All These Days
18 Dolf, Yellow Claw Cry Wolf ft. Sophie Simmons
19 An-ten-nae Are We Human
20 Dee C'rell ft. Richelle Claiborne & Time Gelo Whodoo (Berlin Beach Mix)
21 Feng Suave Sink Into The Floor
22 Clarian Television Days (Analog Stars Remix)
23 Solar Theory Race The Sun
24 Clelia Felix Ocean Breeze

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