supercoziHailed from Tokyo, Supercozi started her musical journey as a lead singer & guitarist in a punk band and spent years performing underground gigs and releasing albums in mid 90's.After discovering Techno ,Trip Hop and Drum'n bass and free style electronic music, then experienced " Second summer of love " Psychedelic Trance rave scene of Japan in mid 90's, her life changed forever. She began teaching herself to programming music with a computer and Akai sampler and started producing her own brand of experiment al elect ronic music. Around '97 she also started DJing in the clubs and parties of Tokyo .She moved to UK in 2000 and formed Psy-Trance / Progressive unit 'Zen Lemonade' with Gus Till who had been t he one of t he main producers of early UK t rance scene. Their first album " Lemon Soul " was released from Youth ( The bassist of Killing Joke and producer of many bands such as The Orb ) 's legendary DragonFly Records in 2002 and instantly gained critical acclaim, and it led them to play at festivals around the globe as a dance live act. Since then she had been releasing many dance and chill out tracks as Zen Lemonade and as Supercozi both from the world's many respected labels such as L.S.D, Interchill, Organic Records, Flow Records, etc .As a result of this endless artistic output, she has been playing all over t he world t hat including big festivals to the countless clubs and parties from Moscow to Mexico.In 2002 she moved to Bali from UK, and In 2005 , She founded her own label ' Hypo=Espresso Records' in collaboration with Japan's leading indie Wakyo Records. Since then she's been releasing tracks that freely blend the genres: Tech-House, Progressive, Dub, Eclectic & Barealic downbeat, Ambient .. : , also she had been collaborating with many respected producers / artists such as System7 , Ian Ion , Pitch Black , Michele Adamson just name of few.

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