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sebtaylorliveSebastian James Taylor is a Composer & Producer based in London, UK. Most wideley known for his Electronic Music Projects, Shakta, Digitalis & Kaya Project which cover styles as diverse as Breakbeat, World Music, PsyTrance & more Orchestral Downtempo music.

Music by Seb Taylor has appeared on TV shows such as Sex & the City (HBO), The West Wing, Sleeper Cell and others & He has recently been commissioned to compose music for the BBC.

Seb Taylor's many project include: Kaya Project, Digitalis, Shakta, Hibernation, Eight:Ball, Angel Tears, Soma Coma, Somaton, Chaos By Design, TDI, Biotone.

Album Releases:

Elixir(CD) (Interchill Records)
Feed The Flame(2xCD) (Dragonfly Records)
Walking Through(CD) (Interchill Records)
Silicon Trip (CD/LP) (Dragonfly Records)
The Enlightened Ape (CD) (Dragonfly Records)
Out Of Sight (CD) (Dragonfly Records)
Angel Tears Volume 1(CD) (LoveCat Music)
Angel Tears Volume 2(CD) (LoveCat Music)
Angel Tears Volume 3(CD) (LoveCat Music)
Angel Tears Volume 4(CD) (LoveCat Music)
Future Memories (CD/LP) (Phantasm)
The Third State (CD/LP) (Matsuri)
Hibernation (Aleph Zero)
... & so it goes (Interchill Records)

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