Julian Lennon Picks

lovemotelThis week the frigid pick of the week goes out to the glam, rock, funky and fun sounds of Love Motel.  They hail from Geneva, Switzerland and three years ago released the critically acclaimed debut album "Après le paradis".   Love Motel is back on the scene with the new album Mind the Void and this week's pick is 21st Century Boy.

Invoking a full suite of portraits, Love Motel describes « his » 21st century through the eyes of a bunch of lost souls (wasted nerds, repentant machos, TV addicts, sadistic gigolos, former dictators and naughty astronauts) looking for salvation. And while the portraits that he paints aren’t that pretty, his sexy musical performance as well as his dark and ironic lyrics transform Mind the Void into an hypnotizing, beautiful and menacing soundtrack of now.

Mind the Void offers the same rich intensity as Love Motel’s former album, but meted out through a more mature and more cohesive sound that immediately grabs your attention. Andres Garcia’s skilful production keeps the tension bubbling just below the surface mixing glam rock guitars, booty basses and robotic rhythms bringing back something from the 80s, although contemporary textures always lurk beneath the surface of Mind the Void.

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