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holmesivesHolmes Ives has emerged as one of D.C.'s premiere electronic music producers exploring such genres as progressive house, drum'n'bass to experimental downtempo excursions under the monikers ' Memnon, Oko Tek, HDI, OVA and Perceptual Outer Dimensions. Ives' production credits include Seroya's Mystic Maah album which is a lush sensual journey, a must listen. Ives has produced three video's and countless commercial tv adds. In 2000 Ives was commissioned to compose music for the San Francisco School of Circus Arts. Titled "Tetrasomia" Ives performed the music live to sell out crowds in over 19 performances.

To the Future - Ives has taken to the clubs and art spaces to share his musical voice with willing fans. From Space in Miami to the hot spots in San Francisco Holmes Ives plays his original music utilizing electronic devices and a laptop to deliver his unique sound. Ives is also currently working on a new record label, OVA, which will focus on downtempo and experimental music (IDM). He is also busy with a new record deal with the Hope, fresh remixes including Bebel Gilberto, creating a new IDM album, producing Seroya's follow up album and releasing his 3 full-length downtempo albums on OVA Records.

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