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HalouThis year Halou celebrates 11 years as a band and returns with their most compelling work to date, Wholeness and Separation. Although It has been several years since their last release on Nettwerk Records ["Wiser" 2001], the band has hardly been dormant. The past few years have been spent using their production skills to help sculpt the sound of such artists as DJ Shadow, Lyrics Born, Frank Sinatra, Blackalicious, John Cale, Low, No Doubt and even a Rod Stewart remix which hit #1 on Billboard. In addition, Halou has scored 2 successful award winning films "This Girl's Life" starring James Woods [] and "Quality of Life" []. Throughout all of this, the band has still found the time to create their finest album.

Halou's debut album, 'We Only Love You', was released in 1999 on Bedazzled Records. Featuring Rebecca's stunningly honest and vibrant vocals, the album wove its way through abstract beats and sumptuously languid electronic pop music. 'We Only Love You' received overwhelming praise, and was championed by influential independent radio stations such as Seattle’s KEXP and LA’s KCRW while earning endearing reviews by noteworthy US press.

Halou continued to craft and hone their unique sound for their second release, 'Wiser', released on Nettwerk Records in October 2001. The album further defined the band's talent and penchant for breadth and surprise in their sound –crushing and delicate, electronic and organic, intense and soothing. The addition of strings, incisive drums, and a host of additional live instruments further explored Halou's masterful juxtaposition of the sensual and the technical. 'Wiser' was entirely produced by Halou. On this release, Count has established himself as an integral component of Halou, not only as studio engineer and mixer, but also as a drummer. His production skills have been finely tuned through his work with the above mentioned artists as well as RUN DMC, New Order, No Doubt, and many more.

Halou’s newest recording, 'Wholeness and Separation', has fully realized the delicate balance of organic and electronic that Ryan, Rebecca and Count have coaxed from their minds and hearts. Luxurious strings, atmospheric textures, inventive electronics, and heartfelt vocals stretch this sonic collage across the spectrum of human emotion.

Don't miss their compelling, completely live performance which features live drums, cello, bass, guitar, various electronics, Rebecca's mesmerizing vocals, all set to the backdrop of short films fully synchronized to the performance. For current tour dates and other news, check

Halou is Ryan, Rebecca, and Count

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