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guillaumesimonGuillaume Simon hails from France and is co-creator of the group known as Shine.  After talking about it over and over again, Guillaume Simon and Laurent Houdard finally found time to share their ideas. They sat down and started the production of the track, One Day, where electronic arrangements appeared naturally.

They have been labeled electro pop and been tied to various influences but at the end of the day, Shine is their own light and with the success of their release, "The Common Station", we can't wait to hear what comes next.

They released their first EP "One Day" back in June 2004 and they have proved their talent ever since their "baptism of fire" in London as support of Sia (Zero 7 voice) and working along side the tour with Morcheeba.

The original group has now been joined by Antoine Delecroix, escaped from the rock sphere, who added his own vision and energy to the group's repertoire, always on the look-out for new sensations.

Guillaume has a very open mind and is a very cool person, he also lent us one of his amazing tracks for our BZ: Minus 1 release...  so we thought what about asking Guillaume to step away from the musician's spotlight and try his hand as a DJ... hence we have our first guest mix from him that has a lot of peaks and valleys in the world of chill and down beat.

Check out more information about Shine.

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