fragilestateFragile State - Voices From The Dustbowl was released on Bar De Lune way back in March of 2004, but in October of 2007 they released a remix and classics compilation that featured several tracks off the album.

Who are Fragile State you may ask?   They are born out of a long friendship through a mutual friend and hail from Britain.  Neil Cowley and Ben Mynott

The Facts And The Dreams" is an inspired fusion of downtempo grooves, sweeping orchestral bliss, deep soul and jazz from Fragile State, aka Neil Cowley and Ben Mynott.

Neil Cowley is an experienced musician whose keyboard skills has seen him tour extensively with Zero 7 amongst others and his production credits include East West Connection and Freil on San Francisco's Naked Music.

Ben Mynott is a highly respected music journalist and has a monthly jazz/house column in B&S magazine. Ben has compiled two albums for Jazz Fm (Spirit Of The Street Pt's 1 & 2), the nu*phusion album on Quiet Riot, and has a new series of soulful & sexy house compilations called Nu De Lune for Bar De Lune.