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didjekelliKelli Macalister, also known as Didje Kelli, has been in love with music since she was a little girl. Kelli was an aerospace brat, her family moved around quite a bit while she was growing up, living in places like, Texas, Maryland, Washington and Pennsylvania. About the only constant in her life was music. Whatever town she moved to she could always relate to others through music.

During her formative years in Seattle, in the 1980’s, she used to make custom mixed tapes for all different moods. Those tapes contained almost any kind of music. Her influences range from the Doobie Brothers, Pink Floyd, to Donna Summer, Elvis, Neil Diamond, to Erasure, to Ministry, the Cure, Primus, Yaz, and Aretha Franklin - just about anything unusual, trippy, sexy and intelligent.

Didje Kelli first discovered house music in 1992 in Santa Barbara. She would drive to Los Angeles to hear Doc Martin who was one of her favorites at the time. When she moved to San Francisco 6 months later she invested in turntables and her vinyl addiction took off. 1992 was when she was most heavily influenced by the acid house music in San Francisco, especially by the Wicked crew, Markie, Jeno, Garth, Thomas, and their Full Moon Parties. Kelli also notes being iinfluenced by the Gathering, with Spun, Tony, Simon, and Josh. During that same time there was a trippy chill-out ambient sound that was being lead by the Orb, KLF, Brian Eno, Speedy J & Aphex Twin - these artist became favorites and are heavy influences on her sound today.

In 1993-94’ Kelli played at a few parties, but decided that the effort it took to be a DJ that plays out was a bit serious for her. All she cared about was hearing the music she liked and so she retired from her short DJ career. Even though she did not play out, her passion for her eclectic sounds that sooth continued.

In 1999 Kelli took a spontaneous trip to Europe. One of her stops was a magical island called Ibiza. It was here that Kelli met a crew of people from Amsterdam who are part of Chemistry. Their sound, vibe and their openness was what was inspiring to Kelli, along with meeting some of the worlds most amazing and talented people all connected through dance, and music, and she was re-inspired. When she returned to the states her friends started a supper club, called Listen, to share the music.

Didje Kelli was playing one night at Azie, a swanky SF supper club when local hero promoters Martel and Nabiel of Release happened to hear her smooth, sexy, tech sounds and hired her on the spot to play at their jumping Wednesday night at Backflip. This led to hours of record playing in many different places all over San Francisco, where she really developed her own sound. Her style is uncatagorical - it’s techy, housey, funky, sexy, dark, sparkly, electronic dance music that makes you feel good.

One and a half years ago Kelli met and became one of the Thump Radio family as a resident and is currently working hard to bring the music that means so much to her to the FM radio air waves in the US, by working for one of the country’s fastest growing radio shows, Thump Radio, now playing in San Francisco on KUSF 90.3, and ALICE 97.3, 2 times a week on XM Satellite, and also in Los Angeles as Remix Radio on KBIG 104. Thump Radio and Remix Radio are currently in the process of being syndicated all over the US. Kelli Is also spending all her free time in the studio with several different producers, so listen for her to be taking over the airwaves, with her signature, sexy, tech, grooves, that sooth, in a town near you.

Kelli has just recently been signed to a new techno/tech house/progressive label called Blowfish Music, which is currently being run by producer/DJ Alex Whalen. They have a few very interesting projects in the works right now so, look out for Blowfish Music- to die for, releases in 2003.

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