PART 2: Best of 2016 - A look back at the Julian Lennon picks and Breakthroughs of the year...

The American Professionals The Sad Parade
Catriona Irving History & The Victors (Plaisir de France remix)
Mo'Jardo Now & Then
Arlin Godwin Blue (again)
Clelia Felix Together Forever
Dub Mars Everything Done Right
Benny Sings Straight Lines
Paulsen & Stryczek Drift Away
Roland Klinkenberg Mexico Can Wait (Francesco Pico's 100 Beats Mix)
B-Jam vs Enos Snout Soul
Marc Hartman EbbTide
Lucky Sun Dreamin (Greenfish Remix)
Niteppl Losing Friends is Easy
Daniel Masson Walila
Funky Destination Psychedelic Spaghetti
Tigerforest Keep on Running
Ocho Offshore
Lemongrass Something True (ft. Jane Maximova)
Thomas Lemmer ft. Naemi Joy Forever (Endless Ocean Mix)
Lazylife All Night
Parallax Breaks Spring
Emapea Jazzy


PART 1: Best of 2016 - A look back at the #1 Exclusives of the year...

Fiendsh Summer Rain January 17th
Anna Ternheim Lonely One (Thor Evening Tide Edit) February 14th
Sambox Live On Forever March 4th
Lemongrass It's Easy ft. Jane Maximova April 3rd
Poldoore Midnight in Saigon ft. Astrid April 12th
JetTricks Slow Dance April 27th
Boot Cut Rockers Sunflowers May 15th
Lemongrass Happy Mind May 29th
Singularis A Place Not So Far Away June 12th
Syntillas Possible Again July 3rd
Capa Bit By God (remix) July 17th
Sound Me  Forest July 31st
The Sura Quintet Strolling Through The Market August 28th
Ry X Deliverance (Eagles & Butterflies) September 18th
Boogie Belgique Enigma October 8th
Xoa One Burn October 23rd
Sine Between Seasons November 12th
Amyn Insular ft. Far December 4th