Artist Track LW Weeks
1 Man In A Room Spoke Low (Lemongrass Remix)   Debut
2 Rhythm 77 A Place In The Country (Hargate Dub)   Debut
3 Dee C'Rell Embracement (ft. Karen Gibson Roc)   Debut
4 Linnea Dale & Of Norway Heart & Soul    
5 Lovespirals It's Alright   4
6 Q-Burns Abstract Messsage Kept In A Shadehouse   4
7 Lemongrass Something True (ft. Jane Maximova)   Debut
8 Manatee Commune Growing Pains (ft. Samuel Eisen-Meyers)   4
9 Planet Lounge Bossapolari 4 4
10 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly Always   6

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