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djbeatdadyDJ Beatdaddy is Bill Hutchcroft of San Francisco. Bill started like everyone else, putting mixes together in the early 90’s for friends. “I had a disco room in my home at the time, and after all the other DJ’s that played faster stuff would finish, I would come on in the wee hours and play chill”.

Fast forward to 2000 and we find Bill in Washington DC as the product manager for Tower Records. “It was a dream come true”, says Bill…I always wanted to run a record store. I was literally surrounded by all this incredible music, and the mixes got better and the recipient list got larger and larger”.

This led to regular gigs on XM Satellite Radio and Blu 102 in Santa Fe. In 2006, Bill was chosen as the first chill DJ for the massive Real Bad Party at 1015 Folsom following the Folsom Street Fair.

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