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artemis3The alternative down-tempo Oakland soft edge returns with an amazing release, "Auralei".  Artemis came to us from the East Coast, a place where integrity and intelligence are essential to survival. Balance this out with her creative fire, fed by the fuel of the great poets - Rilke, Pablo Naruda, and Walt Whitman, and the powerful artistic legacy of countless musical sages, and we begin to see a picture of Artemis.

Artemis' vocal style is at once dynamically emotional and serenely tender, but always evocative. She gives one the feeling that her search is not a selfish one. She's trying to mine the depths of her self in order to help us all understand the multifaceted nature of being human.

Like a force of nature, or a celestial body, Artemis radiates a magnetism which inevitably draws other like-minded individuals to her. Her label, RTFM is a great metaphor for this. Artemis, along with Keith Crusher and their cohorts, has helped create the foundation for a vision larger than themselves - a vision that, without her boundless and unique charisma, would not be what it is today.

Through three releases - Gravity, Undone and Orbits - she has shown just a bare glimpse of what's underneath.  “We usually describe it as lush symphonic electro retro-pop,” says Artemis, adding “We like to blend organic real-world sounds and mix it with electronic effects.”
Artemis works with the RTFM collective, which includes the polymathic likes of Daniel Berkman (multi-instrumentalist and wizard of the kora, a twelve-string harp-lute used extensively in West African music), Cliff Tune (the drummer, who adds to orthodox skin-pounding masses of programmed beats layered for pallidly funky effect) and Keith Crusher (producer, programmer and sonic theoretician) lowering the ambient temperature to dry-ice.

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