thenormalitiesAfterlife and Chris Coco's new project begins...

The Normalites are chillout dons Steve Miller aka Afterlife and DJ / producer Chris Coco.  The music reflects the pairs’ background in making mellow music but also the slightly awkward nature of both their personalities. Their desire to push the boundaries of a genre they have made their own, their desire to come up with new sounds and ideas, their love of politics, poetry, dub and bass.

The tunes on this EP were recorded at Steve’s place in Cornwall, in the gaps between sailing sessions, long walks on the hills and trips to the pub. They are knowingly cheeky and sonically fresh takes on 21st Century living.  “Election Day” was written and recorded on the night of Barrack Obama’s historic victory in the the US.

The Normalites have come full circle, beyond irony and cynicism. They exist in a place of naivety and joy, a world of hope for the future and musical experimentation. They make organic, local, fresh produce.  The Normalites is the sound of two top producers at the top of their game.