disclosureprojectRadiosonde is an artist album by The Disclosure Project on their self owned record label.  Taking over a year to compose and arrange. It’s contents can best be described as organic electronic music. Looking back into the past and to the present, its musical influences range from Jazz, Funk, Nature documentaries, Classical music, Ambient, Down tempo and House.  While that may sound like it spans the gamut of music, and it’s often a cliché that artists will claim their music covers all these grounds. A listen to this album will solidify this statement as fact.

The album showcases ten tunes that are supported by solid groove, whilst keeping melody and harmony at the center stage of the production. As far as albums by The Disclosure Project go this one presents a more cerebral experience than normal. Taking the listener from emotional deep listening tracks, right through to hip swaying and head nodding funk. Along the journey trip hop and electronica are woven seamlessly into the albums fabric. Even a little US deep house appears here and there. It’s as if the album intentionally dares you to stretch your musical taste.