Sunsphere is the new music project by Mario Ziegler. The album Summerbreeze is a musical journey to the sunny island.

No matter where and when you hear this album, you instantly forget the hectic life and finds himself in a sunny beach of Las Salinas and Cala Jondal again. The CD comes with a fine selection of tracks on it such as "Feel the Sunshine."

Music for relaxation and relaxed groovy songs round out this first-Chill Out album from which you never to be missed.

Wellness for body and soul. Each of the sophisticated, multi-compositions speaks through its distinctive character to another, delightful ways. The roughly one-, arrangement, the harmonious matching of melody, harmony, leadership and nature sounds, are extremely beneficial to your entire physical-emotional-being!

Music provides a wonderful opportunity, individual perception and universal laws that must be reconciled. On the wings of emotion and with the pulse of the heart together we exceed our limits and are an inner journey into new worlds of experience.