sideshowFin Greenall would describe himself as the engine of Sideshow, backed up by the band he has been touring with as legendary London label “Ninja Tune” first and foremost singer-songwriter, Fink.  During the bands downtime in between touring Europe and the USA, and writing his critically acclaimed soul-blues-dub, they came together in his 7Dials studio in Brighton to bring us some more trademark dub infused goodness…

“Admit One” is the new album from Sideshow, is a particular labour of love.  "Most of the tracks are live versions, sometimes the 8th or 9th take of tracks...because that's real. Some of the tracks on this album are just straight up tracks, others are covers or versions of tracks I love.  Yeah, there are a few samples in there, yeah that bassline is the bassline from that old record – sometimes dub and the nature of dub is about paying tribute, not stealing ideas...  This fine line runs throughout the history of dub and reggae, and runs through this record. When I first starting producing stuff back in the early nineties it was old dub records that acted like a text book on how to do it… –The dub producer masters would often record stuff live and some would make mistakes, and when they did you could pick up little things like ‘oh right, the bassline and kick are on the same channel’, or ‘right’! the FX have their own channels, and the snare has its own too…  kinda thing...  Dub to me is about space, vibe, texture, it's about not thinking too hard, but feeling.  Dub is like the church of music to me – a simple innocence with immense power, I hope you feel that in the album Admit One", comments Sideshow.

'Admit One' has brought together many musicians. Guy Whittaker (bass), Tim Thornton (drums) and Ellie Wyatt (strings), whilst a number of talented vocalists have also collaborated including Tina Grace (Nitin Sawhney, Moby, Terry Callier); Cortney Tidwell whose sublime debut album 'Don’t Let The Stars Keep Us Tangled Up' introduced her incredible voice and song writing talent to the public, while her live shows have won her fans across Europe and the USA and Paul St. Hilaire (previously known as Tikiman) a dub vocalist and live performer of considerable power. Also worth a mention are Fin's Quadraverb GT and Boss SE50 FX units both are crucial in achieving the Sideshow sound and made it through the recording process with a lot a love and the help of some masking tape.


The track “Television with Cortney Tidwell” is featured on the ‘All Night Long’ release by Will Saul’s label AUS Music.


Photo Cortney Tidwell


AUS Music Release: All Night Long

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