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swamiAlways having been obsessed with electronic music, Steve Wishman (aks: SeventhSwami) recalls his first foray into techno production; "It all started in grade school with 'Axel F'... the theme song from Beverly Hills Cop... I remember sounding out the song in my head and then sequencing the notes into an Apple IIe... at the time i could already tell what i WISHED the software could do but I also understood that it would be a long time before computers became sophisticated enough. In high school my friends and i would tape-record sounds from an 8-bit nintendo and add live drum tracks using an anolog mixer... i knew I loved electronic music but I had no idea that a scene was forming around it. I remember a friend of mine discovering a rave and running off to a rainbow gathering... before he left though, he gave me Orbital 2 (the brown album) and a mix by Taylor... After that I began hunting down techno music in mainstream music stores but it wasn't until i was 22 or so that I discovered the rave scene. At my first party I remember thinking 'i can't believe this many people like the same kind of music that I do! and it was just the most beautiful music all night long... when I couldn't dance anymore I just sat in the corner and listened to all the amazing sounds."

Not long after that Swami found himself jumping from one psytrance campout to the next, following the spiritual vibe that he found there... "Norcal outdoor psytrance parties truly changed my life. I, like many others, fell in love with the unfying vibe found there. I was especially inspired by Goa Gil whose self-professed mission in life is to introduce people to the ecstatic dance experience. Eventually I found myself at an Eyephunk event and somebody took the time to show me Reason (ver 1) on his laptop and that's when I knew that technology had finally caught up... and I would finally be able to make the kind of music that I've always wanted to."

From there, Swami began producing and performing using a laptop running Ableton Live and a multitude of hardware. Although clearly psy-inspired, Swami's melodic beat-oriented music seems not to be bound by genre... from downtempo, trip-hop and dub to midtempo and breakbeat sounds, Swami's music is always original and always thought-provoking.

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