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rcamposThe voice of pirate radio in the late nineties, Raul Campos has come from the underground to represent the eclectic tendencies of his native Los Angeles on KCRW’s Nocturna. This year, his much anticipated compilation release on Nacional Records, due out in October, showcases the talents and sounds of Latin Alternative's best. Check the videos link for some of the action at this years' Latin Alternative Music Conference hosted by Raul. Following the hectic conference schedule all over Manhattan, Raul jumped on a plane with Cafe Tacuba and they all played at the Hollywood Bowl only a few hours later!

From his menagerie of influences, Raul dreamed of becoming a radio broadcaster. His youthful affection for music began in the 8-track collection of his Mexican parents and the albums and 7-inch singles of 6 older siblings with musical taste that ran the gamut of genres and styles. Before developing the ability to speak clearly, Raul would regularly babble at his mother to tune the radio using his own made up words. By 8, Raul was avidly playing the likes of The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer and The Beatles, sprinkled with the Rancheras and Mariachis of his doting mother.

His assorted collection expanded as tapes became the format of choice and Raul began to experiment with cutting and “mixing” tapes, but it was at the age of 14 that he put the needle to the record and stepped behind the decks as a DJ. Specializing in house parties, college mayhem and underground events, Raul began to rock clubs in the early nineties. Playing mostly comedy clubs and bars across Los Angeles, Raul completed his degree at and found himself at a crossroads.

Laying his urban planning career aside, Raul followed his dream into the world of radio. He established a residency with Power Tools, Power 106FM’s longest running after hours mix show and a mainstay amongst electronic music lovers, banging out ‘megamixes’. But it was in a basement in Santa Monica that Raul would find a home for his motley musical connoisseur-ism, Southern California’s Number 1 Public Radio Station: KCRW 89.9FM. Under the attentive and personal mentorship of renowned Music Director, Nic Harcourt, Raul quickly worked his way from volunteer to production and air time.

Before his first year at the station came to an end, Raul stepped up to the mic filling in for primetime shows such as Jason Bentley’s chic Metropolis. Embracing KCRW’s devotion to diversity and freshness in selection while cultivating the interest of listeners, Raul secured a weekly show he christened Nocturna. Weeknights, from 10 to midnight, you can follow Raul’s seductive accent to a place where funky beats, heartbroken guitars, Latin loving and daring melodies live.

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