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panosperosPanos Peros is from Cyprus Greece, Nicosia to be specific.  His nickname is Paniax and his DJ name is Lost in Sound.

His passion for music began during his childhood where he started collecting tapes and listening at home. By the age of 18, he had explored the club scene in Cyprus extensively and was immediately hooked. Panos was fascinated by the fact that electronic music could combine human creativity and intelligence through hardware and software experimentation.  This creation and manipulation of sound is what made him want to be involved in the electronic music scene.

After graduating from high school at the age of 18, he joined the Army for 2 years and at the age of 20 he studied in the U.S. During his 4 years in the U.S, his passion for music became an addiction, an obsession!  While attending various nightclubs, chill out lounge bars, afterhours underground parties, events, festivals and concerts as well as meeting all sorts of people involved in the electronic music scene he decided it was time to chase his dream.

After completing his studies and returning back to Cyprus at the age of 24, being an avid fan of music and technology, he started creating his own home studio. Throughout the years, continuously searching for new sounds he has in his possession a vast music collection from a very diverse range of Artists. He’s an experienced listener without music boundaries and always is up for exploring and experimenting. His ultimate goal would be to start producing his own music.

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