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pbParallax Breakz - is music project of Alex Zhikharev. Since the late nineties, he devoted a part of his life and creativity to electronic music and club scene. Since the beginning of the new millennium he released his first tracks and remixes, playing his sets in clubs and stages of differents cities and places of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. He is experienced percussionist, who plays different ethnic drums. For fifteen years of his artistic career he has written a lot of music in the styles of breaks, drum'n'bass, chill out, techno, ambient. And for this moment he has more than three hundred tracks released on a plenty of labels, such as VIM (Greece), Ego Shot & Morphosis (Hungary), Bass Reflections (USA), DSUK (UK), Scarcity (Romania), Camino Blue (Germany), Golden Orb (Australia), Mind Inside (Ukraine). Parallax Breakz' live sets - it is exciting and impressive mix of dj-set from Parallax Breakz tunes and live-playing the ethnic drums. He is one of the authors and participants of projects Para-Dise, Infuzoria, IBS Faction. Parallax Breakz is the founder of SUNSOUND promo group. He is professional graphic and polygraphic designer. Parallax Breakz teaches playing an ethnic drums, and is engaged in various other kinds of creativity and self-knowledge - the graphics and drawing, design, poetry and prose, numerology, astrology, human design.

loodma0051Step into a time capsule and travel beyond, Occult and Audialist are back with the "Samsara EP." The presence of detail and futuristic vibrations clashing with nostalgia from the past makes these 4 tracks a very unique addition to your collection. This duo take huge strides with every release, developing a mature and defined sound. The "Samsara EP" is a fine combination of sound experimentation and beat mastery, a whole new perspective on how computer music should be listened to and felt.

reef looqReef Project returns, this time with Michael Fisher to bring you the "Anemone EP". Five beautifully crafted Chill Out and Downtempo tracks including ANEMONE, LAMPREY, NAIAD, SONG OF THE NARWHAL and URCHIN DANCE.


Los Angeles prodcuer / DJ Thee-O is practically a household name on the underground electronica circuit, considered to be one of the premier progressive artists on the scene.  However, there's one thing that many may not know about Thee-O, which is he also is an accomplished ambient and down tempo producer.


Under the moniker Reef Project, Thee-O has been not so quietly crafting exquisite chillout tracks that are on the "Hydro Dynamic" release on System Recordings.

The release offers psi-tinged downtempo, futuristic broken beat and trip hop vocal driven cuts as well as a little deep house.  "Hydro Dynamic" will take you on a vivid sonic journey across the deepest recesses of space to the deepest depths of the ocean.

1200x630bfDeep chilled out musical grooves from Shambala aka Tony Thomas. Tony is known mainly for his house, tech house and techno music but his Shambala project concentrates on the more spaced out, jazzy, hip hop, dub and ambient soundscapes. He already had massive success with the Shambala track " Jam Jah Dub " which was number one on the Beatport chill out charts a few years back for almost 6 months, and has been licensed to many compilations plus TV and film projects worldwide. Here he also presents 3 brand new tracks that are currently exclusive to Beatport. Please enjoy :)

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