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ochoOn June 17th Bodytonic Music present the fear inducing yet exquisite Mouth To Mouth EP by cult Dublin band Ocho. Distorted bass, grinding rhythm and icy atmospherics give EP opener Vines a dramatic, dark and icy Celtic beauty, all set to the spectral voice of lead singer Stace Gill. Completed by producer /writer DOS and a plethora of talented guest musicians, the band's ambient sound is influenced by an eclectic mix of music from around the world. Ocho released their hauntingly beautiful debut Young Hunting in 2012 and Mouth To Mouth marks a mesmerising return for the intriguing duo and their unique brand of ice-cold, soulful electro, getting support from the likes of Severino, Anthony Naples, Fish Go Deep & more

Disco master Darshan Jesrani (one half of the legendary NY duo Metro Area) reworks Vines into enchanting Balearic sunrise house, presented in both vocal and instrumental incarnations.

Ocho amp up the drama level even more for an engrossing, trance inducing fantasy journey high into stratosphere on Disappearing. The EP closes with the epic, Burial-goes-baroque torch song 'Offshore'.

Bodytonic started life in 2002 as a small club night based in Dublin and has since thrown parties everywhere from Sonar to Berghain, with guests including Carl Craig, Theo Parrish, Laurent Garnier, Horse Meat Disco, Switch & Diplo, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock and Q-Tip.

In addition to their ongoing club nights and label, Bodytonic run Irish nocturnal institutions Wigwam (formerly the Twisted Pepper venue) and the Bernard Shaw pub, whilst other areas of their rapidly growing empire include festivals, pubs, brewing beer, restaurants, a gallery, apps and websites.

The first release on Bodytonic's labels came in 2007 and they have since put out records featuring Ron Morelli & Svengalisghost (under their Ghost 202 guise), Naum Gabo (AKA Jonnie Wilkes from Optimo), Mr Fingers, JD Twitch and Irish stars Kormac & Tr One.

Bodytonic releases are forthcoming from Adultrock and Hmeflght, with Bodytonic parties at Snowbombing, Dimensions, and Wigwam in Dublin happening in 2016, with events at ADE and beyond in the pipeline.

lgm grd7Lemongrass Garden Vol.7: LGM214: Lemongrassmusic
The garden keeps on growing and blooming....  11 years after label Lemongrassmusic was founded in 2005, the Voss brothers now come up with Volume 7 of their remarkable "Lemongrass Garden" series taking deep harmony to the seeking ears and hearts in this world. With 20 mainly unreleased tracks and the well known relaxing atmosphere of all Lemongrassmusic productions this compilation creates a homogenous universe of sounds and melodies which typifies the Lemongrassmusic family: Finest Chillout Ambient that makes you feel the light of a beautiful garden, feel true love and enjoy the happiness in life.

thomaslemmer lostThe Electronic/Ambient music producer Thomas Lemmer in collaboration with singer and song writer Tina Sona delivers the second single called “LOST” from his forthcoming album “PURE”. On the 24th of June 2016, the single “LOST” will be released by Sine Music and will be available on all well-known download stores.
"LOST” is touching, emotional and powerful. Tina Sona’s expressive voice touches deeply so that you lose yourself in the song immediately. With four albums and multiple appearances on top-class Chillout/Electronic samplers, Thomas Lemmer is considered one of the most active and established artists of his genre.
The single “LOST” is the prelude to his forthcoming album “PURE”. High-profile remixers have contributed to the single. Amongst them Gold Lounge with a wonderful Chillout version, SINE with a remix that invites you to dance, Klangstein with his distinctive sound, Hanjo Gäbler with a fresh mix of Acoustic and Gospel elements, Chillwalker with impelling spheric beats, Thor with his “Phunk Dat Phat Bass" mix and Hanky with a quite wicked underground version.
The single will be finished off with a spheric mixture of Ambient and Electronic sounds by Thomas Lemmer himself.




tl zerogravityOn 5th of December 2014 Sine Music will be releasing Thomas Lemmer’s fourth album “ZERO GRAVITY”. Available on CD and at all well-known download stores. “ZERO GRAVITY” is a purely instrumental album, distinguishing it from its predecessors. A soothing blend of Ambient and experimental sounds supported by electronic beats, all luring you into a dreamlike state of being. When you hear the sounds you feel weightless but the room and the music feel magically magnetic at the same time.

For ZERO GRAVITY it was important to me, that the listener could hear the infinite and expansive nature of the album, sending them into an experience of weightlessness and freedom. While listening, you really digress into the distance, in fact, even I found myself digressing while producing the album. With this feeling coming up I knew that what I was doing is right.” Says Lemmer while describing the production process. “ZERO GRAVITY needed to be different, and as a result I changed my entire production environment. Relying much more on external equipment and using a lot of analog synths to produce these sounds.”

Lemmer even shot the images used in the album booklet and on the cover himself. Each picture taken of the Whistler Mountains in Canada. The design and music synchronise into a total work of art, expressing the essence and meaning of the album: infinite extension and weightlessness. Just press play and get weightless...







thomas lemmer still remixed 2400x2400pxThomas Lemmer, one of the most active and successful German Chillout producers, releases a Remix Edition of his recently released album STILL on the 25th of July 2014. The album is available online at all well known download stores. STILL reached the Top 10 of the iTunes Electronic Charts in Germany and received excellent reviews and feedback. STILL REMIXED is the answer to this overwhelming success. 19 remixers spread around the globe worked on this album.


Amongst them: Evadez, Sine, Der Waldläufer, Softwaver, HEIN+KLEIN, Normandie, Riccicomoto, Physical Phase, SeeNaY, KLANGSTEIN, Xelomen, Florian Shipke, Novaline, Setsuna, Sunlight Project and Danny Stubbs. Additionally, Thomas Lemmer contributed some of his own remixes and unreleased alternative mixes. The 26 tracks of STILL REMIXED are loud and quiet, slow down but move. From dreamy to emotional, this album stays diversified constant. “I’m impressed and overwhelmed by the creativity and passion which each single remixer put into the tracks. I’m grateful and proud being newly interpreted by such amazing artists. It’s so nice to see that my music also works in Trance, Deep House or Pop.” says Thomas about the album and collaboration.


Thomas has been producing Chillout and Electronic music for a number of years now, subsequently, releasing numerous successful albums and singles over the past several years. His music can be found on numerous compilations, including bestsellers such as „Café del Mar“, „Le Café Abstrait“, as well as SINE MUSIC´s Chillout Series. The title „Fatigué“ on „Café del Mar – Vol. XVI“ rocketed to first position on the Spanish sales charts and secured a place amongst the TOP 10 in many other countries.



Thomas_Lemmer_1000x1000Thomas Lemmer has been writing and producing music for many years. At present he works on several music production projects, as well as with different bands. With diPOLAR, a German pop duo, Thomas Lemmer won the German Rock & Pop Award in Hamburg 2005.  In 2009, Thomas Lemmer released his first solo album Chillout Lounge. The album was a major success in the chillout, lounge, and downtempo scenes. Many tracks from this album can be found today on dozens of successful and international compilations.

His track Fatigue features on the world famous Cafe del Mar Vol. XVI compilation, where It became #1 in Spain, and entered the top 10 in many other countries.  Thomas works continuously on new material, and has subsequently released several new and exclusive tracks on various compilations for different labels and companies.  In 2010 he started the Motif project with Aaron Taylor from England.

Thomas_Lemmer_-_Lena_BelgartRead more about the track "Is it too late featuring Lena Belgart"

Pick up Thomas Lemmer's Music:







scottbrannonMlodic (pronounced as "melodic") is a writing and production trio out of San Francisco obsessed with big EDM synths set to hip hop beats supporting soul drenched lead vocals (by our lead singer who is part of the band).  Scott Brannon who is one of the talents behind Mlodic shares with us a new track released, the Passenger Seat, you can hear it on Soundcloud.


fashionjazzSambox returns with a brand new release "Fashion Jazz" out on Concorde Avenue.  Features 10 tracks by Sambox with a delicious blend of jazz, downbeat and sexy groove.









samboxOne year after "Suite Montaigne" here is the 5th album of SAMBOX released under the french label "Concorde Avenue" entitled "Guest Star".  It's a travel between electro lounge and chillout music for your beautiful relaxing moment.  The album is available for digital release the April 16, 2016 on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play , 7 digital.

After studying classical music, SAMBOX moving towards lounge music, chillout, ambient and deep house sometimes. His productions appear in 50 CD compilations of references Lounge (Chillout Guide, Buddhattitude, Blue Marlin, Dubai Eklektic, Café Solaire ...) His music is also used for television (Alles was zählt, Le rêve de Diana (M6 / Teva) , Belle toute nue (M6) but also for luxury hotel, spa (Das Tegernsee, George V, Porsche Design, Westin ... ) Other projects are currently in progress ...

Check older releases such as, "La Parisienne" by Sambox

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