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skullySkully is Ireland's best known electronic music producers. The music man behind Metisse who have released the albums, "My Fault" and "Nomah's Land".  He has released two solo albums, his beautiful soundtrack album "Without A Voice", and his new massively successful album, "Irish Makeover" which is traditional folks songs revamped.

Skully found us and we are glad he did, he reached out to us from across the pond and we will be featuring his music on the show in the coming weeks.  He is on the label Blind Faith Digital.

spaceflightorchestraBobby Collins is Spaceflight Orchestra and has been a musician for most of his life. At the pre-pubescent age of 10 he found an old Melbay guitar in his stepdad's basement and thus his musical foundation was founded with the first dissonant strum. 8 years later he picked up an old electric bass. 3 years after that he began taking piano lessons. 5 years passed and he bought a sitar and began lessons under an A-list sitarist and Bollywood film composer from India. 3 months after that he purchased his first set of turntables. 2 years later he bought a theremin and decided to stop purchasing any new musical instruments for awhile.

The last six years have found him spending many a lonely night locked in his room practicing on his turntables and producing various tracks for his own amusement. He also spent much of that time working at a post-production studio in his hometown of Denver. It was here that he honed his compositional skills while writing music and jingles for commercials, documentaries, short films and corporate videos. For a while he enjoyed making children's music for adults with his band The Bobby Collins Death Metal Armada. He headed up the band and played guitar, synths, vocoder and theremin, but his interest in DJing and producing got the best of him.

SFO went from a few tracks recorded in Bobby's living room to signing with Black Bridge Records in 2008 and has been pumping out gems ever since.

jboogie_newJ-Boogie (of OM Records’ J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science fame), purveyor of all things funky, takes his remix of Spaceflight Orchestra’s “Step Now” into deep sexy waters. Head nodding funk, soul claps, and sultry vocals from Aima the Dreamer wrap up this gem of a track like a silk sheet dipped in melted butter.

“Don’t sweat the petty things baby, you can pet my sweaty thing baby”, is the PG-13 rated chorus that urges people to let the less pressing issues of the day go by the wayside in favor of hot and heavy lovemaking:  a fine theme for this skillfully executed re-work. We’ve also popped in a bonus accapella and instrumental for DJing pleasure. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming video!

verbalkintVerbal Kint is founed by Dennis Moerkerk and Rogier Oster. Both met in the early 90's when Rogier was the drummer in a rock band called Twist of Fate and the band needed a new guitar player. As the band broke up several years later Dennis and Rogier became more interested in different styles and genres. What started out as a fun project with no intentions, became more and more serious and soon Verbal Kint was founded. After searching for what musical direction to turn to, they decided they wanted to create a recognisable sound instead of being tied to a genre. This approach became clear in there first typical Verbal Kint song called Feel the Rhythm. "Feel The Rhythm" became there signature track and was featured on many compilations cd's in the summer of 2005.

After producing several tracks they wanted to try the tracks out on stage. The first live-set they did was on the Diesel Music Festival in 2003 and from here on the sound of Verbal Kint became clear and inspired by music from all over the world, there are no limtis to there productions. Groovy rhythms like Bossa-Nova and solid basslines are mixed and finished with a mix of electronic samples and live instruments.

In the end of 2005 they teamed up with Martin Schellens for a live-set at the introduction of a new cross-media magazine released by Dif-books, and after getting in touch with Hungarian female artist Judie Jay, they recorded two tracks together with Judie. Break My Dreams the second track by Verbal Kint ft. Judie Jay was remixed by Dennis (Mr.-Koboyashi) and was released on Dutch Electro-House dance-label, Walnut Records (WALC004). Because these tracks got some really cool reactions, this coorperation will certainly continue in the future. In the summer of 2009 Verbal Kint signed with dutch dance-label Cloud 9 Dance. On this label Break My Dreams was re-released and in the winter of 2009 Verbal Kint also released the mini-album "The Greatest Trick" on this label. Right now Dennis and Rogier are working in their studio on several new tracks with the intention to make a full-length album in the future. They are also remixing other artist and compose music for multimedia movies and TV shows.

Verbal Kint Live

front_albumSystem Recordings releases another amazing downbeat soundscape that will take you on a journey of relaxation filled with psychedelic flavored sounds.  The full-length album from Front titled, 'Windtalkers' is filled with spirit-lifting shamanistic music.

The album features 11 songs, including 'The Eternal Sky', 'Calling The Sky' and the titled track, 'Windtalkers'.

mymyMy My are producers Lee Jones and Nick Hoppner. With DJ Carsten Kleeman.  Following on from the acclaimed release of ´Songs for the Gentle´ on Playhouse in 2006, Lee and Nick have been touring live extensively. They´ve also released a number of stunning tracks on Aus, Circus Company, Playhouse and remixes for BPitch Control and Liebe*Detail.

A typically playful (yet devilishly hooky) MyMy bass line and drum program perfectly complement Emika’s sumptuous vocal. A flash of whimsical guitar introduces the vocal fully as percussion is delicately layered and the groove is suitably enhanced before the final breakdown, which somehow evokes thoughts of the English countryside and a Morrecone western all at once. Only MyMy could pull off this palette so gracefully.

‘Lights Go Down’ is an altogether more heads down affair with a hypnotic quality entirely suited to the peak time dancefloor. A pulsating bass riff intertwines with Emikas vocal to create a heady groove that continues to roll and evolve right up until...well...the lights go down....

Right from the Detroit esque opening chords of the Appleblim & Komonazmuk remix there is a feeling that something special is going to unfurl. Dark, trancy garage is how Laurie ‘Appleblim’ describes it and who are we to disagree. Skippy, proto-garage drums and spine-tingling melodies ride-a-top of a rather rude west-country via Bootsy bassline . When the sub line drops at the final breakdown you WILL have a smile on your face. If you don’t then there is something wrong with you frankly. For the second time this year Appleblim & Komon have nailed their remix for Aus.

Big Ups! Continuing with the west country theme Bristol bred Sideshow gets his Space Echo out and goes to town. He draws out the dub of the original bassline and wraps everything in a cloak of dubbed out lushness, switching between half and full speed at will with the bass-line keeping things steady and correct. Do not be deceived, this has a deceptive punch on the dance floor.

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