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grooveblasterThe Grooveblaster is living proof that the end justifies the means. Whether it's going head-to-head on the ones and twos with collaborators, riding the pause button on an old analog 4-track to create a fly loop with the human factor, or keying in the ill echo chamber chill, the Grooveblaster makes 'tricknology' work.

With the ears of a fan and the reflexes of a musician (the Grooveblaster began his musical career as a bassist), the Grooveblaster colors way outside the lines set by the parochial, the genre fixated and the weak-minded, but he knows the rules so when he breaks 'em it's on.

His rhythms and melodies are rooted in cosmopolitan pop and downtempo grooves, so it's hard to tell where 'song' ends and 'version' begins, where message ends and music begins, where agony ends and ecstasy kicks in.


blenkaBlenka is a music/design duo that blends visual aesthetics into music. They use new technologies, recombining elements from the 70s with a Scandinavian/Euro flavor.

Harald: Svenska Tekniker, applies his Swedish aesthetic and science to nasty beat production and highly detailed visual media. Tamara: Space Kreatör, builds layered worlds inside of worlds with expressive and melodic vocals.

jay_jSince this Grammy® nominee burst onto the Dance Music scene, Jay-J’s been creating critically acclaimed songs for the industry’s top labels and Producers. Credited as the “Godfather of the SF sound”, Jay-J’s been shaping House Music with over 150 releases appearing on Ultra, Defected, OM, Naked Music and Moulton Studios. He’s also remixed artists from Jill Scott to Joss Stone and has collaborated with producers from Kaskade to Miguel Migs.

Jay-J’s unique productions have caught the attention of Coke®, Apple®, Garageband® and MTV®, resulting in his own Coke® bottle for the 2008 Beijing Olympics to DJ’ing the 2006 MTV AVMAs®
feat. Snoop Dogg. On his label, Shifted Music, you’ll find a collection of dancefloor hits, radio friendly house tunes and as well as the Re:Souled | Shifted Music Remix Collection comp series which features some of the best talent Jay-J’s discovered while touring the globe.

jay_j_lovealiveNot one to rest on his accomplishments, Jay-J spent the last two years crafting his debut artist album, LOVE ALIVE; a smooth collection of meaningful and positive songs about love and sensuality. More than just ‘dancefloor music’, Jay-J delivers the goods and raises the bar with this strong, lyrically driven,warm and uplifting album. Not bound by any particular genre, Love Alive touches upon a wide range of music ranging from soulful house to downtempo chill to R&B and Electro. Thoughtful lyrics and beautiful vocals are provided by Big “Brooklyn” Red, Michelle Shaprow, Charlene Moore, Brian “BAM” Morgan, Judy Albanese and Fabian Leo with lush sounds and edgy instrumentation performed by Scott Wozniak and Tim K.

Whisper features Michele Shaprow on vocals.

essenceSan Francisco singer-songwriter, essence, has released her much anticipated third album entitled "Feels Like the Future," independently, available now on iTunes, it's sound is a distinct hybrid of electronica and indie pop.

Deeply influenced by the sudden loss of her father in 2007, and inspired by the birth of her son, Rhys, only a few months later. "Feels Like the Future" is a collection of fourteen intimate and spirit lifting tracks that preserve Essence's trademark sound of blending sweeping vocals and honest lyrics.

"Feels Like The Future" is a collaboration among a handful of world class producers: Karl Derfler (No Doubt, Tom Waits, and countless film soundtracks), Count (Rolling Stones, Lyrics Bjorn, DJ Shadow), Garth May (producer of previous essence releases "Conception" & "Mariposa,") David Della Santa and Dan Wool. Each producer brought something unique to the mix, so there is dimension to the record as a whole, and yet unity is achieved by the common thread of essenceís songwriting and soaring vocals.

In her eleven year span as a recording artist, essence has earned a devoted following in San Francisco where she has sold thousands of CDs and headlined some of the city's most prestigious venues. She has also shared bills with Tom Petty, Shawn Colvin, Natalie Merchant, Ani DiFranco and Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes.

ben-westbeechBen Westbeech is back, and back in style, by the sounds of this new track “The Book.” Take a listen below. His new album, There’s More To Life Than This, out on Strictly Rhythm records.


Welcome to world.  Welcome to a truly multi-talented musical force.  Welcome to an album that‘s a hybrid of myriad styles and genres.  Welcome to something unexpected, heartfelt, genuine, true and most importantly of all, fun.  Welcome To The Best Years Of Your Life - Ben Westbeech’s debut album - displays a wide range of musical influences and styles.


Futuristic suburban soul, fuzzy-edged funk, unpretentious pop, robust jazz, freshly laced hip-hop and dancefloor derived sounds ranging from drum n bass to house are all present.  The result is a potent cocktail blended by, and filtered through, Ben’s creative and multi-talented musicianship.  Rather than confine himself to the role of singer-songwriter, classically trained Ben also takes the credit for playing most of the instruments, and for much of the mixing and production of the album too.

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