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cityrainCity Rain is the moniker of Charles Benjamin Runyan (Ben) from the streets of Philadelphia, PA. City Rain combines beard-scratching IDM with the fun and quirkiness of dance-floor minimal and even a little bit of guitar. Aside from writing music, Ben is involved with various side projects scoring music for websites, fashion videos and other odds and ends.  City Rain has appeared on Boltfish recordings, Unfound Sound, and Trance4M8 record labels, and though young, is no newcomer to the indie-electronic music scenes.

"Ben Runyan has an affinity for minimal techno and anthemic electronica/indie rock. This is apparent in his upcoming album “This I Will Remember”. The album chronicles a 3 month wait for his mate who resides overseas. Runyan draws on feelings of helplessness, joy, and hopefulness to complete a digital journal of the life of a man for 3 months."City_Rain-This_I_Will_Remember-2009
thewarheads-requiemThe Warheads are a San Francisco Bay Area production team. Although we are musicians, we specialize in the manipulation, re-arranging, and re-mixing of original compositions, unique sounds, and high-quality audio.  Recently we have combined elements of world music and computer-based audio electronics into our sound. Working in both old school Analog and new Digital mediums, we focus on the perception of depth and quality of sound within our mixes.

We prefer real instruments rather than synthesized sounds. Most of the sounds on our projects start out as acoustic instruments recorded to Analog tape. After blending these tracks and sounds together, we further tweak the tracks before transferring them to Digital–giving us a more organic sound. Then, using the modern mixing elements of Dub and Electronica, we blend our sounds into the final mix.

All of the musicians on our projects represent the finest and most creative in improvisational performers. Their contribution brings all of The Warheads music to life.
Stephen Chopek"I find individual elements most interesting when taken out of their original context and re-interpreted through a fresh perspective." comments Stephen Chopek (aka SodaCan) who lives and works as a musician and artist in Jersey City, NJ. He is a multi-instrumentalist and self-taught artist. His work explores the connections that exist in the process of creating music and visual art.

Chopek's music is the sum of many parts – what he terms audio collage. Individual elements are both created by the artist and sampled from previously existing sources. They are then gathered, categorized, arranged, dissected, deconstructed, sliced, diced, manipulated, repeated, rearranged, recycled, reused, and molded into original compositions.

SodaCan logoHe also applies the collage technique to visual art and poetry. Chopek's mixed media works take readily accessible materials and found objects out of their original contexts and reshapes them into new compositions.

Chopek began studying drum set and classical percussion at a young age. While performing with William Patterson University's percussion ensemble, he pursued his interest in composers such as Steve Reich, John Cage, and Edgar Varèse. Later, Chopek furthered his studies with drummer Billy Martin of Medeski Martin and Wood and percussionist Leon Parker.

As a drummer, he has toured the world and recorded with Charlie Hunter, John Mayer, Marc Broussard, Jesse Malin, The Alternate Routes, and many others.
emouWe recently found Emou and after we missed his release, "Still... Pretty Good Year," which was his first album released in 2001, on the German label Free Form.  An amazing label that has influenced Below Zero early on, we took notice with the new release that comes six years later.  This is the long awaited Emou album on Echoes Records 'Spring Is Far To Come'

'Spring Is Far To Come' is an intimate and ambiguous album, which goes deeper and farther. Wistful sweeping currents of emotions emerge playful complex sound games, amalgamating into magnificent songs. Adding to the production major influences from different aspects of variety genres of music, from the 80's, Rock, Dark Pop, Jazz, Ambient, Chill Out, sideways Dub and avant-garde electronica.

And with well-known additional singers Minouche Petrusch, Actress and Singer from Berlin, Germany and Jan Schmidt, Rock Band Singer, from Bremen, Germany.
caro_garciaOne of the best-received albums of 2008 was the debut from Parisien DJ and songwriter, Mademoiselle Caro (key resident DJ at the legendary Rex Club in Paris for over 8 years), and her Perpignan-based collaborator, Franck Garcia. Brimming with a uniquely downbeat yet defiant sound that seemed to have one foot in modern-day tech-savvy Berlin and one in vintage indie austerity, 'Pain Disappears' was hailed by publications as diverse as The Times ('a modern classic'), Clash ('a melodic, melancholic masterpiece') and DJ Mag ('stunning emotive electro-pop'). caro_garcia_album

The album also spawned one of the top remixes of the year in Radio Slave's strung-out re-rub of 'Dead Souls' that featured in many end of year lists. The duo put together a killer four-piece band for memorable live gigs in London and Paris in 2008. Now the duo are back with 'Left'. Distilling the essence of their debut, the set is condensed into sparkling four-minute pop vignettes.

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