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shannonstephens_newAsthmatic Kitty is proud to announce the re-press of Shannon Stephens' self-titled debut (2000).  Produced by Stephens and her former Marzuki band-mates Sufjan Stevens and Matt Haseltine in 2000, this superb collection of Shannon's own songs includes contributions by Marzuki cellist Jamie Kempkers, Kenny Hutson (Vigilantes of Love) on pedal steel guitar, Mews and Mews Too contributors Roman Bolks and Jason Brouwer, and folk mainstay Jason Harrod.

With new artwork and two previously unreleased bonus tracks, this release will delight newcomers and faithful fans.

In 2009, Shannon released her second album, The Breadwinner, which Rachel Carson at Exclaim! described as “...a spectacularly beautiful and fiercely compelling sophomore album” and Sufjan Stevens calls “...a joyful, heartful collection of quiet, gorgeous songs about family, friends, work, love, and the beauty of the world at large.”

Shannon continues to play shows in the Seattle area and around the Pacific Northwest, staying close to home while her daughter is yet young, and writing songs for her next album.


xthcX:THC is an indie/electronic/alternative group formed in New York City.
They consist of Michael Nova (Vocals), Tienne (Guitars and Keyboards) and John Bollinger (Percussion).

X: THC combines chilled, shattered beats, soulful vibery, and edgy indie rock songwriting to create a lush, ambient soundscape. The songs conjure shades of post-punk, new wave, and electronica —yet they weave a seductive, hypnotic sound all their own.

X: The Human Condition, the album, was produced by Michael Nova and Ninjaboy.

eitanreiterEitan Reiter is a multitalented genre-crossing artist. He's a part of the Unoccupied duo with Nadav Katz (Cuts), with a successful debut release- Everyday Life, and half of Loud, the rising force in the psytrance scene with 3 albums in their pocket. On top of that, Eitan also produces minimal techno and electro music and also psychedelic chillout and downtempo electronica under his own name, and quickly carved a name for himself with his quality releases.

AlephZ15Front1417He is much sought after as a collaborator and remixer and thus already joined forces with the likes of Shulman, Bluetech, J.Viewz and Perfect Stranger, among others. Eitan also writes and produces music for film and other soundtracks. His music is deep and casual at the same time, diverse, genre defying and very unique in sound. Eitan's debut album, Places I Miss that I Haven't been To, was released by Aleph Zero in May 2010. A remixes EP will follow soon.

all aboutLuis Baro and Dimitri Max team up for the release of "Roots of Rhythm" forthcoming on the imprint "All About".

These tracks are straight out of a sexy driving house sound but have a laid back and chilled vibe which is expected from someone who has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to electronic music in all forms.

luisbaro_allLuis Baro, formerly PD of XM's now defunct "The Move" has always been a fan of dance music and was also the PD for XM's "Chill" channel (when it was good).

He has been hard at work in the studio and behind the scenes on his label and we hope to have more information about this release soon.

Dimitri is from France, he is a Libra and makes beats and loves to play out.


ArabicaArabica doesn't have a lot of information published about him and his talents, but he certainly delivers with his music.  He delivers an expansive full-length artist album called "Journal" logging in 11 songs ranging from chillout to world music to trance and progressive house.

systemrec_chillSystem Recordings also presents the third installment of their new downtempo series, with "Chill For An Early Morning" which features 10 choice chillout selections. Includes song a track from Arabica himself with "Like I Do".

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