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naim_amorNaim Amor is a Frenchman among the saguaros of Tucson, Ariz. Since moving there with his wife Marianne Dissard in 1997, Amor has had a hand in numerous projects, including the Amor Belhom Duo and a collaboration with Giant Sand, as well as several instrumental and vocal albums as a solo artist.

Amor enlisted the producing skills of Calexico’s Joey Burns for his 2007 album “Sanguine”, a mature, French odd pop album recorded with both Burns and drummer John Convertino.

Amor’s first album, “Mistake Love”, was produced by John Parish in 2004, with musicians Tasha Bundy and Nathan Sabatino, and lyrics by Marianne Dissard.

Amor’s previous incarnation, AMOR BELHOM DUO, saw him collaborate with Calexico (album “ABBC/Tête à Tête”), release three albums (“Amor Belhom Duo”, “Wavelab” and “Live In Tucson”) on Carrot Top Records in the US and Ici D’Ailleurs in Europe, and tour the US and Europe opening for Miossec, Handsome Family, Calla, David Grubbs, Sparklehorse, Modest Mouse, Calexico, Giant Sand…

In addition to his “singing” albums, Amor is also recording an ongoing series of instrumental albums: “Soundtracks: Volume One” (FilmGuerrero, 2002) and “Soundtracks: Volume Two” (Howe Gelb’s OWOM Records, 2004). Naim has composed for Francoiz Breut and Marianne Dissard and recorded with Devotchka, Valérie Leulliot, Marie Frank, Howe Gelb, Calexico, Marianne Dissard, Pieta Brown, Tom Walbank, Al Foul, John Convertino…

80s_casual80s casual is as he refers, "a guy named Simon Bathie hailing from Spain".

After releasing his first record in 1990 back in the days of outdoor raves, has gone on to produce under many guises, from breakbeat to drum and bass, rock and of course house music in all its flavors. Originally from Hertfordshire in England, now residing in southern Spain for the last 3 years. 80s casual came about with my love for funk soul, jazz and hip hop and reggae.

"I wanted to do an album that had all these influences and appealed to a wider audience than just the dance floor." 80s casual still does remixes under his other name of Idiotbox and has worked with many names within the house industry.

He states "the reason for writing music down to the one and only Kurtis Mantronix. After hearing his first album, I was hooked.the beats the splicing ,it was genius,and still sound fresh today. I used to save my school dinner money to buy his records."

Simon also DJs and you can catch him in London, Madrid or southern Spain or Europe.

sine_cooloffPure refreshment!

The Sun is burning, it's hot, sweat glistens... time to relax with a cool drink and the new Sine Music compilation 'Cool Off Chillout Vol.3', a perfect combination for all that need to cool off and relax on hot days.

The compilation will be available starting 27th August, 2010 at all well-known download stores.

The repertoire, compared to the successful predecessors that have previously dominated various download charts, is expanded and includes 24 brand new Chillout, Lounge and Ambient tracks to enjoy at the bar, on the sunlounger or simply at home. Dream, relax and feel good leaving your worries behind.

Let yourself go and drift off in the fresh, relaxing breeze with 'Cool Off Chillout Vol.3'
clayton_fulcromHailing from the city of soul, Philadelphia, Clayton and Fulcrum are part of a new breed of electronic musicians. Not limiting themselves to any particular genre or tempo, they run the gamut of styles, rhythms, and vibes in search of musical fulfillment. Their dj sets also reflect this diversity, and are a vibrant display of the potential in their studio vision.

If you were to lump the body of their work into a category, it would be Breakbeat Funk. Breakbeat Funk possesses the warm feeling that's in older Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Jamaican, Brazilian, and African music through creatively used sampling, musical influence, and production techniques. Both musical and bass heavy, Breakbeat Funk is a fun and uplifting experience on the dancefloor, and a fulfilling listen off it.

By collaborating with fellow forward-minded Philadelphians, Moqita, they have incorporated vocals, flute, rhodes, wurlitzer, saxaphone, clavinet, wah guitar, and percussion into their rhythm collages. Using replications of the studio equipment used during the 60’s and 70’s, and the techniques of Dub mixing, they embody their songs with the warmth and space that modern digital recording can lack.

Clayton and Fulcrum have established a reputation for creative live and DJ sets in Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington D.C. They've opened for such acts as De La Soul, Massive Attack, and DJ Krush. Their debut album, The Soul Purpose, and various remixes, has helped spread their sound to the world. Their sophomore effort, Songs From The Soul City, pushed their vision further. Now they're at work on a third album which is aimed for the dance floor.
micatoneMicatone are German electronic/jazz band: Boris Meinhold (guitar, synth), Tim Kroker (drums), Sebastian “Hagen” Demmin (keyboards; worked as a live keyboarder with Daft Punk), Lisa Bassenge (vocals), Stefan Rogall (programming), and Paul Kleber (kontrabass).

After the splendid albums “Nine Songs” and “Is You Is”, Micatone present their third album “Nomad Songs” on Sonarkollektiv. Their first two albums were more electronically influenced and showed their studio production abilities. For “Nomad Songs”, Micatone aims to present songs that work either plugged in or unplugged.

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