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"I wanted to do something positive now as I have felt inspired by recent trends in music," says Lol. "It feels to me like when I first started making music, which seemed like a good enough reason to do some more!" It is this inspiration that Lol used as a start off point for further sonic experiments. "Listening to new artists utilize the sound I helped develop inspired me to reach now for new sounds in the studio. The finished CD, Perfect Life, is easily the most exhilarating project I've been able to work on since the early Cure records." The timing for Perfect Life couldn't be more perfect as 2003 marks the 25th anniversary of The Cure. In addition to first time eligibility for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, active plans are in the works for remastering the entire Cure catalog. "It's amazing to me that The Cure still has this much viability and resonance so many years later," remarks Lol. "If you had told the schoolboy versions of Robert and myself this is where we'd end up, we wouldn't have believed it!" It sounds like Perfect Life was the most appropriate title Laurence could have given to the Levinhurst CD.

direction.language.1Direction Language is a compilation album of some of the finest poetry recordings on Holm Records. Due to Dee’s popularity within this genre worldwide, Holm Records decided to release a first edition of some of the poetry and music compositions that have appeared on the label in the format of one complete album.

floatingAfter six years of waiting Sine Music will be releasing Gold Lounge's new album "Floating" on June 1st, 2018. The album will be available at all well-known streaming services and download stores. "Floating" starts with the sensual track "Fallin' in Love", in which the vocals sway like a white curtain
moved by the summer breeze. Totally in the flow with an easy beat and the piano hook.

The album contains twelve tracks in total, few of them have been released earlier on various compilations, the majority of the songs however are unreleased. One of the new songs is named "All That We Are". With its warm pulse it welcomes the evening in a beach bar and asks you to choose: Bahama Mama or Piña Colada? The title track of this album "Floating" mirrors the dreamy and soft-coloured cover in a perfect way. Purely instrumental the song flows in harmonious beauty. "Pure love" is the last song in the tracklist. You'll be watching the sunset comfortably thoughtful while
beautiful strings and pianos take you to places of pure beauty and craving. Dreaming, wallowing and "Floating" - just like this album's name.

Solar+Theory+Promo+Image+(1)The two universes of Torkom Ji and Divasonic collide to form Solar Theory, their collaborative electronic performance and production project. Torkom and Lyndaweave deeply mystical and spiritual compositions. Lynda’s vocal and instrumental musings about the universe and evolving consciousness, stories of our journey through time, space and love through connection to source, float over Torkom’s signature 432Hz electronic grooves and soundscapes.

Solar Theory is unifying the space between sound meditation and live performance through a diversity of form and expression. Their live experience is a download, designed purely to assist one to transcend the limitations of the ego and physical self for something greater that has always been inside. It’s an evolution of sound born out of their sound healing and past production work, and serves as an giant leap in the future of forward thinking music based on universal principles. Their live experience is further enhanced by the visual wizardry of Michael Strauss, creating a mind melding audio-visual experience designed to blow minds and expand hearts.

Their sound meditation offering called 'Language of Light' is an ambient listening experience designed for deep meditation, healing, inner exploration and relaxation.  Their sound healing collaboration centers around creating a safe and grounded space to dive deep within the mind and spirit. The purpose of creating space for internal sound journeying is to resolve and release tensions, receive answers, and cultivate a deeply restful state of integrated awareness.  The Language of Light sessions often incorporate vocal meditation exercises like toning, chanting and breath work to help participants drop into the experience and connect more intimately with themselves.  It is a journey of deep listening. They have shared this experience at dozen of events, festivals and yoga studios.

uppermostParisian producer and electronic musician Uppermost released his highly anticipated new album Perseverance today on his independent label imprint UPPWIND. In celebration, he shared a new video for title track “Perseverance” featuring Harry Pane with Music News. Filmed in New York and directed by Joseph B. Carlin, the video brings attention to the emotive aspects of the creative process, further enhancing the track’s radiating synths and pulsating electronics. Watch here.

Perseverance is a 14-track collection that showcases vocalists from folk, hip-hop, and pop backgrounds.

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