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sunburnincyprus2Diventa Music recording artists Sunburn in Cyprus return with an amazing release "How To Avoid" featuring tracks such as "Always the Same", "Dreamtime (remake)" and "Now The Wind (PNFA Square Dub Remix).

Amazing chill out sounds, sexy basslines and beautiful vocals from the Goettingen German band.

scubaScuba, aka Paul Rose, has been at the forefront of the dubstep scene since its birth. Having founded the innovative and influential Hotflush Recordings label in 2003, he has continually brought colour and depth to an advancing genre, expanding its sonic structure and increasing its influence on the wider electronic scene. Through Scuba and seminal work by central figures including Distance, Vex’d and more recently Mount Kimbie and Joy Orbison, Hotflush remains crucial to the immediate moment and the developing future of the most exciting aspects of electronic music.

In addition to label and production duties, he also runs the massively successful SUB:STANCE night at Berlin's techno Mecca, Berghain, the sound of which he committed to plastic in a DJ mix released on Ostgut Ton in January 2010.  Following the first Scuba LP, A Mutual Antipathy (2008) which was remixed by Marcel Dettman, Martyn and Surgeon, Triangulation (2010) took the Scuba sound to a new level. The collision of dubstep and techno has produced startling music from a wide range of producers in the last few years, none more than Scuba, and that has been well documented. But Triangulation moves past the dubstep/techno axis and into new territory. Working at multiple tempos, the album covers an area ranging from house to experimental drum n bass while retaining the Scuba sound that has become so distinctive.

Compound OneThe eighth release on their self-titled label sees Compound One step out of the darkened lab to take time out from their usual techy experiments and head straight for the rave...

Carrying on with the emo vibes of this release, Back Off sees the duo go right back to their roots with an early UK 2-step garage inspired number. Trademark Qualifide vocal cut ups and Fracture breakbeats come together to form the groove. Once again, the breakdown is pure hands in the air.

Compound One (aka Charlie Fieber and Matt Campbell) are a "Dubstep / Garage/ Techno / Whatever" production duo and label from London, UK. They have been rolling together since the early 90's as teenagers, regularly bunking off from school to go skateboarding or to get caught doing graffiti. Sharing the same interest in UK underground music (pirates like Kool FM, Rush FM & Pulse FM) inspired them to take up DJ'ing and began playing various styles of music, especially jungle & old skool garage. Both weekly attenders of the legendary Metalheadz night at the Blue Note made them both equally inspired by intricate well thought out & bass heavy production. In around 1996 the two went off in different musical directions...

Charlie built on the Blue Note night's soundscape and began producing and DJing drum and bass with Neptune under the name Fracture & Neptune. He worked with labels such as Droppin' Science, Hospital & Inperspective and toured the globe before building up the foundations to start their own record label; Astrophonica.

Matt began to DJ and produce old skool tinged House & Garage, remixing for various artists under the name Qualifide. A few years later in 1999 he started Qualifide Recordings as an outlet for his own material, also releasing tracks & remixes from the likes of M.J.Cole, EL-B, Skream & Club Asylum along the way.

Compound One started as a concept around 2006. Fracture had been checking out the emerging Dubstep sound while Qualifide was hosting a weekly show on Rinse FM and had begun to mix proto-dubstep in with his usual garage style. The timing was right, the studio session was booked and the collaborations began inspired by the results they decided to start an alias and label for their new productions. The name Compound One seemed perfect to sum up the soundclash of genres Compound One do not have a definable style. Each track is a result of a musical experiment in the lab, drawing on the influences and experiences of both the technicians involved. Compound One tracks have been described as having high end production values, sick edits, syllabic cut-ups and choice monologue samples. From the 4x4 kicks of Arkanoid to the old skool jungle breaks of Space Odyssey, there is one thing that is always consistent in Compound One tracks; HEAVYWEIGHT BASS! Their tracks have appeared on Fabric and Tempa compilations and get regular play by the scenes top DJs.

bloody-mary_2428Always on the lookout for new sounds and fresh music, the sets of this French-born, Berlin-based Dj provide a fine example of what is happening at the moment. With the explosion of the minimal scene, Mary adds to hit her very own touch. She continuously expresses her love for the German sound every time she takes the decks.

Bloody Mary grew up in the region of Aix en Provence. Her favorite musical genre was new wave until she went to her first rave party and discovered the world of electronic dance music. This revelation inspired her to give it a go herself, and she did her first gig in Marseille only one year after acquiring her first pair of turntables.

Bloody Mary launched her own record label. Dame-Music will be a hub for tracks from talent she has befriended over the years in the worldwide techno/house scene.
Q-Burns_InnocentSince its original release on the Astralwerks album Invisible Airline in 2001, the Q-Burns Abstract Message song "Innocent," featuring the vocals of Lisa Shaw, has seen many reappearances and remixes. The memorable first mixes by King Britt and Lovesky released as part of the Re-Routed collection on Eighth Dimension were soon followed by stunning reworks from Joey Negro and Magik Johnson for Britain's NRK label.

Years later, Eighth Dimension was contacted by House Arrest label impresario Cole Medina requesting to revisit this track, one of his favorites, for an even newer remix. Being a big fan of Medina's excellent work, which includes his top notch remix of Sleazy McQueen's "Anna Due" and his many sought after re-edits, the label promptly handed over the "Innocent" parts anxious to hear the result. Cole Medina did not disappoint at all: he promptly delivered three completely different, fantastic remixes of "Innocent."

The first of Medina's mixes is the Nue Boogie Mix with its soulful, low-slung disco funk. Dramatic percussion and an unrelenting keyboard riff play against Lisa Shaw's expressive vocal providing a dose of ear-pleasing musical tension. Cole's Bottom Heavy Tunnel Mix increases the tempo with a late night club-ready house mix. Over the insistent four-on-the-floor rhythm a healthy wash of reverb is applied to Lisa's vocals giving this one a decidedly big room feel. The delicately sparse arrangement is tailor made for booming in an after-hours warehouse. Finally, Cole turns a total 180 with his Why Love Sucks Mix, a downtempo treatment comfortably placing the song in Portishead territory. Lisa Shaw suddenly takes the role of chanteuse as cabaret piano and emotive strings hover over the plodding, trip hop beats.

Cole Medina's return to "Innocent" precedes future singles and projects from Q-Burns Abstract Message including the upcoming "Dark Roots" and the mysterious "Balearic Chainsaw." Keeps ears locked on Eighth Dimension for more exciting sounds to come.

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