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snowghoats pressSnow Ghosts is the collaboration between Throwing Snow, aka Ross Tones, and vocalist Augustus Snow, aka Hannah Cartwright. In 2013, they released their critically acclaimed debut full length LP ‘A Small Murmuration’ on fabric's label Houndstooth, and were named The Guardian’s ‘New Band of the Day’, Zane Lowe’s ‘Next Hype’, and have played a live acoustic session on Dermot O’Leary’s BBC Radio 2 show.

‘Secret Garden’, the third single from the album, is an atmospheric, melancholic production that perfectly melds Ross’ love of chaos theory and Hannah’s earthy propensity for nature. Iconoclastic producer Matthew Herbert provides his delicately off kilter 'Wash It All Away Remix', while avantgarde producer Richard Skelton offers up an unforgettable ambient drone rework.

Under his Dahlia Black alias, Black Acre mainstay Blue Daisy rounds out the EP with a raw, horrorcore influenced hiphop remix of 'Covenant', the original a track from the album in which he was featured. The 12” is cut to heavyweight 180g vinyl by mastering engineer Matt Colton and strictly limited to 300 copies.

kyrstynKyrstyn Pixton is a Portland based songwriter and producer - a multi-talented performance artist creating live shows that blend piano, voice, electronica, and impromptu loops from audience participation.

Her sound blends intricate song-writing with luscious vocal harmonies and vast hard-hitting electro-acoustic soundscapes.  Imagine a meld of Imogen Heap, Florence & the Machine, and Joanna Newsom, backed by Air, Plaid, Dead Can Dance, and Apparat.  It’s a bit like that.  She recently released her first full-length album EMBYRS, and more is on the way.

She has worked with many artists including Auditory Canvas, Lynx, Rena Jones, Lila Rose, Govinda, Kaminanda, Beats Antique, & Akara.  Some of her past performance venues include Glade (UK), Lightning in a Bottle, Cafe Du Nord, Fox Theater (Oakland), & the Crystal Ballroom (Portland).

anjibee love"Love Me Leave Me" is undoubtedly one of Anji Bee's best-known and most-loved songs online. The lyrics and vocal melodies were originally written in mid-2003 for a musical collaboration that never materialized. But Anji loved the song idea so much that she sent her demo vocals to Canadian producer, Rom di Prisco, who created a version for his 2004 Bitstream Dream album, ‘Integration.’ This self-released album has long been out of print, and the song is only available in mp3 format from pirate music sites.

gushiIn 2005, GUSHI & RAFFUNK started their own project producing revisited versions for Amnesia Ibiza Chillout Sessions. They found the chemistry to compose original tracks which eventually would become their first album "Eyes". All this creativity can be tasted in their fresh and intimate
LIVE performances.

Their latest productions record the releases of "Eyes", "Travel EP", "Sound Of You - The Remixes EP", "Reflection" and "Deep House Flavours" - all works having been released by international labels.
So far now, they have collaborated with talented artists naming DJ Jondal, Raphael Marionneau, Riccicomoto, Elio Riso, Alexandra Hampton, Antonio Della Marina, Mark Oakland, Lemongrass, Tim Angrave, Five Seasons, Giorgio Ioan, Beat Ambasada, Anuradha Jayathilaka, Johannes Huppertz.



Twitter: @gushiraffunk

ford handsBryan Ford continues what's set to be a productive 2014 for Revolutionary Music with a new EP, titled Hands. With the name of this release in part a statement of intent, Bryan's output relies heavily on live instrumentation rather than samples -- hands on, if you will. One should expect nothing less from Ford, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and remixer … basically an all-around studio wizard based in Chicago.


The release begins with the lush organic groove of "Downtown Drifter" and becomes progressively more rawand electronic with "Someday" and the title track. Ford's guitar lead and solo ooze with raw emotion over analog synths and an infectious bass line on the opener. "Someday" and "Hands" both feature Ford's drumming chops and the familiar sound of his Moog Voyager. His style is unique and vibrant in a way that's indicative of his multi-instrumentalist background and thoughtful songwriting capabilities. Fans of RJD2, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Bonobo, and Shlomo have another artist to follow.


bryanfordBryan Ford’s Shoe Tree EP is a cohesive package of three strikingly gorgeous, yet haunting downtempo electronic tracks that rely on live instrumentation rather than samples. Heavy guitar, bass guitar, live drums, vintage synths, all performed by Ford, give the tracks an organic flavor and a live feel. Bryan Ford’s studio mastery ensures a production quality and fresh interpretation of vintage sounds that places him firmly in the league with artists like Bonobo, and RJD2. The Shoe Tree EP is the first official release by Bryan Ford in two years and the first in a string of releases scheduled for 2014. Videos have been produced for each cut on the EP. Within a week of its release on VEVO, Lead Belly was watched by more than 3,000 fans with an overwhelmingly positive response.

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