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sine rupolOn the 19th December 2014 Sine MusicRuhepol will be releasing the new album "Ruhepol" by SINE. The album will be available on CD and at all well-known download stores. "Ruhepol", the German word for ease of mind, is the perfect album to let this year fade away in the most relaxed way. If requested you can have the additional photobook that contains 36 photos taken by Thomas Hauser. 36
photos you can dream yourself away with in snow covered landscapes but also onto Mediterranean beaches.

Photos from the whole year and every possible place. They only have one thing in common: tranquillity.The album is composed of 15 tracks which the brothers Thomas and Jochen Hauser have written, amongst others, since 2008 as SINE and that have been released on numerous compilations. All tracks have been remastered and are united on this CD - the crème de la crème out of six years SINE. After all, everything started with this: after the brothers had written music together as SINE, they decided to take the next step and have founded their own music label. Much has happened since then: Sine Music has signed numerous well-known artist such as Thomas Lemmer, Polished Chrome, Merge Of Equals, Setsuna and many more. Numerous chart positions have been reached over the years. "From the very beginning SINE has been the project for me to calm down, to automatically relax and forget the everyday stress. While composing and producing I'm diving into other worlds. For me SINE is my ease of mind, a possibility to gain strength and energy." Thomas Hauser says about SINE. Let the united magic of image and sound carry you away and find your own ease of mind.

vanExcursion - The new album by Ukrainian producer Van (alias Ivan Rodionov) is creating an atmosphere of traveling to different places – the most beautiful places of our wonderful world -places of romance, love and joy. 8 jazzy tracks with an international flair form this outstanding album – a wonderful soundtrack for your next excursion.

karma wedon'tWe are thrilled to announced the release of our new single: We Don't Have a Lot of Time (feat. Beth Hirsch). We Don't Have a Lot of Time is the first single from our forthcoming album to be released later this year and features the inimitable vocals of Beth Hirsch who joins B. on this beautiful duet.

The single will be available starting October 7th on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and many other music outlets. Please visit the Karmaocoda MUSIC page to listen to the new single!




Karmacoda-LWTYHAR-medWe're thrilled to announce the release of our new collection of remixes: Love Will Turn Your Head Around - Karmacoda + Beth Hirsch + Anji Bee - The Remixes!  The collection contains reimagined versions of the dream-like single “Love Will Turn Your Head Around” from our fourth studio album ETERNAL. Featuring vocals by Beth Hirsch (Air) and Anji Bee (Lovespirals), the remixes were created by a diverse and talented group of musicians, producers and DJs from around the world. The collection of 8 remixes will be available to purchase through iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.










karmacodaIt is a simple objective really; create music to reflect the emotion of a specific time and space in our modern world.  After a year-long hiatus working in the studio, San Francisco darlings, Karmacoda return with their highly-anticipated third album, Illuminate.  The album features 12 fresh tracks and represents a major move forward for the group, containing songs with strong hooks, melodies and an engaging evolution of their groove-laden electronic sound.

Launched as a collective effort between songwriters, Brett “B.” Crockett and Heather Pierce in 2001, Karmacoda laces their electronica/trip hop foundation with elements of rock, pop and jazz, creating truly addictive sonic recreation.  Outfitting themselves with the turntable magic of DJ Rafael Acevedo, Eric Matsuno’s hypnotic bass, B. on vocals, guitar and keyboards and the soaring lead vocals of Heather, Karmacoda’s vibe is immediately engaging, particularly live.  Illuminate, was mastered by Andy VanDette (U2, David Bowie, Moby, Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins) at Masterdisk, NYC.

Illuminate, which was mastered by Andy VanDette (U2, David Bowie, Moby, Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins) at Masterdisk, NYC is currently being presented to the music industry for radio, label and licensing opportunities.

The summer 2001 release of Karmacoda's debut Reco mended garnered an overwhelmingly positive response and a happily surprised Karmacoda began receiving inquiries as to when the new group would perform live. Because Karmacoda began primarily as a studio project, the challenges and limitations of playing the material live were not a primary concern during writing and recording. Following the formation of the full, performing core of the band, Karmacoda's live shows quickly became popular throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, grabbing the attention of local promoters and clubs and a burgeoning fan base. By integrating a live VJ who creates real-time custom video projection, the band's musical vision was not only being heard but literally seen. The music on Reco mended was heavily featured in film and television soundtracks and won several music awards including the 2003 IMG Music Award for best independent song used in film and television for their track Swan.

Karmacoda's second album Evidence was released in August of 2003, receiving critical acclaim, being extensively featured in film and television and winning several independent and international songwriting awards.  In 2004, Altered Evidence: Late Night Remixes, featuring remixes of the tracks on Evidence was released to additional critical acclaim and extensive international sales, particularly through downloadable music stores such as iTunes.

ekala lostintimeEKALA finds her way with her new full-length artist album 'LOST IN TIME', featuring 10 beautifully crafted downtempo songs, including "TIME" and "SPACE BETWEEN US" featuring SAMANTHA FARRELL.





Check out other ekala_dreamwith meEKALA releases of downbeat and chill dance beats on System Recordings.



EKALA tries to make sense of it all with her new 10 song, down tempo artist album, 'THE SPIRIT OF CONTRADICTION', featuring "TRAIN OF THOUGHTS", "I'LL BE WILD" and "MALI". Check it out on Beatport




Ekala presents her full-length artist album, 'MY WORLD', featuring 10 superbly crafted downtempo and deep house songs. Including "OUT OF SPACE FEAT. SOPHIE KOWALSKY", "LOLA", "LOST FLOWER FEAT. SOPHIE KOWALSKY", and "HOPE".

tree formulaTree Bosier is a one-man project of Max Ananyev. Musician & producer from Saint Petersburg on Loodma Recordings.

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