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hvobHVOB (Her Voice Over Boys) from Austria features duo Anna Mueller and Paul Wallner from Vienna's Still vor Talent. The production is warm, gorgeous and minimal. Melancholic atmosphere is all around with Anna’s soulful heartfelt vocal which sat my ears up very quickly. Produced and performed with such beautiful color. The whole record is an excellent listen “Trialog”.

jasonsarahProducer/DJ Jason Burns of Portland, Oregon and California singer Sarah Winters of Los Angles under the loveandotherthings label have captivated with this beautifully melodic gem. Great writing, progressive chillout production and ethereal melancholic vocals make it beautiful to me. Definitely one for the playlist.

Break Through Track Review by Matt Gaspari of Below Zero & Ladder


blackmailIt’s a single from Blackmail. Scotland's own Blackmill (Robert Card)! This record is a favorite of mine. I love this track because of it's use of elements, a great track to listen to with headphones evening time or to take with you on a trip somewhere. In my mind it's a "flight track", I always visualize motion in a record, this one has me jumping off something high :). The vocals, Veela (Victoria Burnett of Sidney, B.C. and Canadian fame), are beautiful and have a classic sweet sensibility to them. As a lover of all things bass, I also enjoy a nice and heavy bass used tastefully, this record goes there. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


~ Matt Gaspari

bennfinnThis week we are happy to share with you the wonderful sounds coming from the mind of Benn Finn.  Check out his soundcloud page to hear more!

sine rupolOn the 19th December 2014 Sine MusicRuhepol will be releasing the new album "Ruhepol" by SINE. The album will be available on CD and at all well-known download stores. "Ruhepol", the German word for ease of mind, is the perfect album to let this year fade away in the most relaxed way. If requested you can have the additional photobook that contains 36 photos taken by Thomas Hauser. 36
photos you can dream yourself away with in snow covered landscapes but also onto Mediterranean beaches.

Photos from the whole year and every possible place. They only have one thing in common: tranquillity.The album is composed of 15 tracks which the brothers Thomas and Jochen Hauser have written, amongst others, since 2008 as SINE and that have been released on numerous compilations. All tracks have been remastered and are united on this CD - the crème de la crème out of six years SINE. After all, everything started with this: after the brothers had written music together as SINE, they decided to take the next step and have founded their own music label. Much has happened since then: Sine Music has signed numerous well-known artist such as Thomas Lemmer, Polished Chrome, Merge Of Equals, Setsuna and many more. Numerous chart positions have been reached over the years. "From the very beginning SINE has been the project for me to calm down, to automatically relax and forget the everyday stress. While composing and producing I'm diving into other worlds. For me SINE is my ease of mind, a possibility to gain strength and energy." Thomas Hauser says about SINE. Let the united magic of image and sound carry you away and find your own ease of mind.

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