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dee crell embracementEmbracement is the new single release on Holm Records by Dee C’rell that features also the mesmerising poetry of American artist, Karen Gibson Roc. Captivating a cross section of sound collages and rhythms which comprises varied genre related music making practices, Embracement can be described as a fusion of contemporary electronic music that hint at the diverse music of Dee C’rell’s musical output.

Supported worldwide, Embracement is the follow up to the already successful release on Holm Records entitled, Of Other, and again establishes Dee C’rell as one of the most miscellaneous artists of his generation within contemporary electronic music making.

Arbitraire“Determined by chance, whim or impulse, and not by necessity, reason or principle.” Our music tries to embody the spirit of free thinking.

Coming from different musical backgrounds, we try to create our very own style that borrows from classic, jazz, hip-hop and electronic. What we want to achieve with the project is music that isn’t born of imperatives, but of possibilities.

Andrea, Adrian & Genji

artemisTransfigure is a collection of live improvised performances with Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman recorded during our January 2014 California house concert tour. Eleven exquisite gatherings in cozy living rooms and community art spaces from southern desert towns of Joshua Tree and La Quinta, all the way north to the farms and rolling hills of Petaluma and Ukiah.

While the music is purely spontaneous, words from existing songs often emerged and wove themselves into new melodic terrain, finding new freedom in alien landscapes. The pieces chosen for this album drew lyrically from my first four albums (Undone, Gravity, Orbits and Auralei). All of which share the same release day of the year as this one.

The album cover art is a painting created by Jesse Fortune at the show in Long Beach at the home and art loft of Steven and Christine Nakamura, where live art and music danced the night away together, all around the room, generated by souls of all ages and walks of life.

Every show was recorded, and there was SO much lovely music that…well, five years later there are still several shows awaiting mixing. There may be another release or two to come from this series. We haven’t done another tour as a trio since 2014…yet. Stay tuned.
released February 14, 2019

Steve Lawson - fretless bass, looping, processing, impish cleverness
Daniel Berkman - Gravikord, kora, ukelele, Handsonic, synths and mischievous genius
Artemis - vocals

Artwork - Jesse Fortune

lovespirals life goes on5 years in the making, Lovespirals' 5th full-length outing, ‘Life Goes On,’ explores themes of love, loss, and the pains of the passage of time. Now 51, band founder, Ryan Lum reflects, “My gear was pretty primitive when I first started making music in 1990. After all these years, I wanted to see if I could create an album as sonically masterful as some of my favorite albums from back then, particularly those of the Cocteau Twins.”

Lum’s music has long been linked to the mysterious Scottish trio, particularly when his band was known as Love Spirals Downwards, before the turn of the millennium, when he bonded with vocalist/lyricist Anji Bee over the then-new British trip-hop and jungle scene, especially moodier artists like Massive Attack, Portishead, and LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records crew.

Though Lovespirals were born out of beat production and DJ culture, the duo’s love for the brooding guitar and string machine of The Cure or the hazy shoegazer meets Americana sound of Slowdive/Mojave 3 and Mazzy Star — and even classic rock acts of their youth like Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd — never waned, and Lum was still a guitarist at his core.

photo levinhurst1Levinhurst

"I wanted to do something positive now as I have felt inspired by recent trends in music," says Lol. "It feels to me like when I first started making music, which seemed like a good enough reason to do some more!" It is this inspiration that Lol used as a start off point for further sonic experiments. "Listening to new artists utilize the sound I helped develop inspired me to reach now for new sounds in the studio. The finished CD, Perfect Life, is easily the most exhilarating project I've been able to work on since the early Cure records." The timing for Perfect Life couldn't be more perfect as 2003 marks the 25th anniversary of The Cure. In addition to first time eligibility for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, active plans are in the works for remastering the entire Cure catalog. "It's amazing to me that The Cure still has this much viability and resonance so many years later," remarks Lol. "If you had told the schoolboy versions of Robert and myself this is where we'd end up, we wouldn't have believed it!" It sounds like Perfect Life was the most appropriate title Laurence could have given to the Levinhurst CD.

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