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jeffstallingsA native of Atlanta, DJ Jeff Stallings has been obsessed with music ever since he started picking out tunes on his family’s old upright piano when he was just a toddler. During the 1980s Jeff started going to dance clubs in New York where hardcore dancers arrived late to hear the down-tempo atmospheric grooves (referred to as “sleaze music” back in the day) that DJs played well after sunrise.

Jeff’s interest in chill music bloomed in 2000 when a friend gave him a CD mixed by Claude Challe and put out by Buddha-Bar in Paris. He was hooked and started collecting this genre of music from all over the world. Around the same time, Jeff started mixing compilations for friends, who often told him he should DJ professionally.

Since taking the DJ plunge, he has played venues in Los Angeles and his adopted city of San Francisco, including at Mezzanine, 1015 Folsom Nightclub, the Slanted Door and Etiquette Lounge. On September 30 of last year, immediately following the Folsom Street Fair, Jeff mixed dark chill music for nine hours in the Cirque Lounge at 1015 Folsom at the annual Real Bad party.

Drawn to the darker side of down-tempo, his chill sensibilities were forged by 70s and 80s rock, honed by those late nights in New York, then refined by the otherworldly sounds of Balearic beats and the Ibiza sound of the last decade.

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