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jamiecullumWith 4 million albums sold and with a Grammy, BRIT and 2 Golden Globe nominations under his belt, Jamie Cullum continues to be a British success story around the globe; the most successful UK jazz artist ever.

Jamie never even dared dream all this could be possible. Born in Essex and raised in Wiltshire, he was obsessed with all types of music from an early age discovering jazz as a teenager, entranced the moment he firstheard Miles Davis. By the time he went to university to study English, Jamie was working as a singer-pianist in pubs, hotels, cruise ships and anywhere else that would have him.

"I didn’t dream of being a pop star or anything. I never thought I had the talent or the confidence or the ability to do this so it came up and surprised me. I made albums but I wasn’t even selling them to record companies, I was just selling them at gigs and I didn’t really think much more about it."

Jamie has had a string of amazing releases, had startling versions of songs by Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Buckley, performed for Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal family, collaborated with Clint Eastwood and performed with the Count Basie Orchestra... just to name a few highlights.

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