dustykidPaolo Alberto Lodde aka Dusty Kid aka one half of Duoteque, comes from Italy.  At the young age of 11 years old he started mixing Mozart, examined meticulously piano and string, and insists that the first word he could speak was not “mummy” but “record”.  The music he creates is a big sound cinema and is always direct and focused.  He did not hesitate to call on of his tracks, “I Love Ritchie Hawtin”, simply because of the influence the Plastikman has had on him musically.  “A Raver’s Diary” is exactly that, wearing his heart on his sleeve musically with some beautiful chilled out beats and dubs as well as minimal-techno.

Dusty Kid pushes the audience straight into the party and tells them the tale of one who travelled to learn what partying meant.  Not more, not less.