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penguinsAll of the residents compiled their "Best of" for 2010, which was another fun year of music for BZ!  We had our monthly Swig Happy Hours which are now defunct but during the time this year they were an absolute blast.  We have (thanks to Peek) run a weekly happy hour at Blowfish San Francisco called Caipi Hour.  We threw a fun filled event at Red Devil Lounge with Karmacoda, Weather Pending and Shine!  That was a highlight in Below Zero's history... oh yea... we also turned 5 years old.

But we couldn't have done any of it without the Labels and Artists which provide us with the backbone of the show... music.  We also wouldn't be anywhere without our core listeners who are so supportive.

When it comes to the world of chillout there is a lot of competition out there for radio shows.  There are some serious strong ones which we respect very much, and everyone here at Below Zero would reach out to grow bigger but we like our simple organic way of growing.  You don't see us promoting all over social media or blasting you with emails or even trying to force you to join a group.  No, we just simply exist and occasionally we send out a blast to remind you we are here.  I guess you could say our way of promotion is on the "chill" tip... if you want to find us you will.

This leads me to those of you who have found us and stuck with us, we are sending out our best version of a hug which is to assemble all of our residents and ask each one to put together their Top 20 best tracks of 2010.  I would safely say that our crew is one of the top crews in the world when it comes to consistent downbeat mixes and shows.  Are there others, of course there are, without question.  But!  From my view in my little corner of the world I would like to tip my hat to my own crew of residents who are talented and dedicated all year long.  We have also added Dave Ralph the one and only Dave Ralph in 2011 to the mix!

With all that I would like to thank you all for your suport throughout 2010, have a safe and happy holiday everybody and we'll see you in the new decade!

Mason Rothert & The BZ Penguins

Mason Rothert

1 Second Sky Too Far
2 Lovebirds You Give Me
3 Lemongrass Alone
4 Thunderball 12 Mile High
5 Hybrid Disappear Here (Orchestral Armchair Version)
6 Clelia Felix Hold On To My Love
7 Frankman, Jay Eff Love Thang
8 BT Every Other Way (Album Mix)
9 London Elektricity Wishing Well (Stateless Remix)
10 Fat Freddy's Drop The Raft
11 Micatone Traces
12 Au Revoir Simone Knight of Wands (Dnote Remix)
13 Glam Sam & His Combo Give It To Me, Baby
14 Eddie Silverton ft. Ida Every Time
15 Clayton & Fulcrum No Reason Why
16 Fink Q&A (Sideshow Remix)
17 Castlebed Castlebed Theme Song
18 Shine In Highlands
19 Gorillaz Broken
20 Just A Band (Kenya) Save My Soul



1 Massive Attack Paradise Circus
2 Rhodescreen Explorer (Eddie Silverton Remix)
3 Opiuo Water Mouth feat. Sunmonx - Original Mix
4 Pier Bucci Eternelle
5 Carmen Rizzo Bring the Mountain Down
6 Chad Ethnic Breackout Original Mix
7 Jean Honeymoon BangBang(ExperimentalMix)
8 Forces of Nature The Vortex
9 Eddie Silverton Possibilities
10 Magnus Wedberg Red Stone
11 The Funktuary Set the sun alight (ibiza air mix)
12 Sine Deep down
13 The Funktuary Surface (vakuum sounds vs genuine rmx)
14 SoulAvenue f.t Shaheen Sheik One by one (soulavenues dilrabar blues)
15 80's Casual Summer Breeze - Original Mix
16 Deep Fried Dub Submerged - Original Mix
17 Outersect To Take A Single Conscious Breath Without Discursive Thought Original Mix
18 Random Rab The Desert Flux Original Mix
19 Phaeleh Fallen Light Original Mix
20 Boot Cut Rockers Dream your dream



1 Mr. Rogers Dynamite Fishing
2 Rusko Hold On feat. Amber Coffman
3 The CB's The Finding (Featurecast Remix)
4 An-ten-nae 5 So Happy (Take It To The Village Remix_Deya Dova)
5 BJX Come On Over (Dub Menace Mix)
6 Mr. Rogers What Does it Mean_Mr. Rogers
7 Random Rab For My Corpse_RandomRab
8 Klute Melt - Original Mix_Klute
9 Avatars The Air (Eat More Cake Remix)
10 Glitchy, Scratchy Speech Therapy - Original Mix_Glitchy, Scratchy
11 Grmatik The Prophet - Gramatik
12 Gramatik Straight Off The Block - Gramatik
13 Daniel Protman Down Cast_Daniel Portman
14 Grum Want U_Grum
15 Giano Stella In The Starlight (Dave Allison Mix)_Giano
16 Vent Itchy Feet_Vent
17 The Revenge Looking Up To You_The Revenge
18 Vent Lunatics_Vent
19 Andre Obin The Arsonist_Andre Obin
20 Cinnamon Chasers Luv Deluxe (N-Type Remix)

Red Broad

1 Dzihan & Kamien Noon
2 Saru Ponyhead
3 Nor Elle Face Up (Paralleles Interpretation)
4 Klangstein One
5 Kaya Project Desert Phase
6 Bonobo The Keeper (feat. Andrea Triana)
7 Aqualise Plonge Avec Moi (ft. Jane henley & Tom Remy)
8 Bliss Stop Me (The Revenge Vocal Remix)
9 PNFA Underground River
10 Bluetech & Katrina Blackstone Lay Your Sorrows Down
11 Cantoma Only People
12 Samantha James Satellites
13 Solanos & Adriana Macedo Estranha
14 Blank & Jones Morning Sun (Crusin)
15 Chris Coco Summertime
16 Bliss Long Life (Christophe Goze Remix)
17 DJ Cam Love (feat. Nicolette)
18 Dzihan & Kamien Call Me
19 The Floating Drifting
20 Blue Six I Tried To Tell You

Jeff Stallings

1 80s Casual Fiesta
2 Alex Barck, Prommer Gladys Knight
3 Blue Pilots Project God’s Gift
4 Castlebed Castlebed Theme Song
5 Chris Coco Summertime
6 Dzihan & Kamien Ahmet Bont
7 Fishtank Back Home
8 Four Tet Angel Echos
9 Giano Stella in the Starlight (Dave Allison Mix)
10 Gramatik Muy Tranquillo
11 Hannes Smith Gartenlaube
12 Hawke Inside Job (Tal M. Klein Remix)
13 Jamie Jones Ruckus (Discoide Dub)
14 Kasper Bjorke Heaven
15 Massive Attack Splitting An Atom
16 Modern Walker House Lovin’ (Luna City Express Remix)
17 Pete Gooding and Chris Coco Night Dance (Max Essa Remix)
18 Sade Solider of Love
19 The Shift On the Side (Courtney Nielsen Deep Mix)
20 Underworld Moon in Water

Sarika Dagar

1 The National England
2 The Books Beautiful People
3 Oriol Flux
4 School of Seven Bells I L U
5 Röyksopp The Fear
6 Sade The Moon And The Sky
7 Arcade Fire Modern Man
8 Raj Ramayya Anjali
9 Belle and Sebastian Blue Eyes of a Millionaire
10 Broken Bells The Ghost Inside
11 Massive Attack Pray for Rain
12 Matthew Dear Gem
13 Dosh County Road X
14 MGMT Congratulations
15 Arcade Fire Rococo
16 Mystery Jets Serotonin
17 Tame Impala Solitude Is Bliss
18 Dzihan & Kamien Satelite Tank
19 Raj Ramayya Peaceful Buddhist Warrior
20 Dosh Gare de Lyon

Shawn "Fiddler" Minoux

1 Klangstein One
2 Pretty Lights Shining Bright Despite The Plight
3 Obed Pereza Love Level
4 Passenger 10 Luxory Goods
5 Den Kozlov Skyline
6 Guilaume & The Coutu Dumonts, Dynamike Radio Novela
7 Eddie Silverton Folded
8 80s Casual Fiesta
9 Den Kozlov We Change Forever
10 Blue Pilots Project Gods Gift
11 Hybrid Salt
12 Q Burns, Abstract Message Innocent
13 Roberto Rodriguez I Know Your’re Mine
14 Eddie Silverton Fungi Street
15 Pretty Lights Understand Me KNow
16 Boris Blenn Kosmonaut
17 Castlebed Castlebed Theme Song
18 Bang Bang Broken
19 PNFA Underground River
20 Punx Soundcheck Roots Intro
1 Under Gravity
2 Jazzanova Soon (A Touch of Jazz Mix)
3 Weather Pending Midlands
4 AM Temporary One (Acoustic Version) (ft. Susie Suh)
5 Chris Joss Little Nature
6 Lovebirds You Give Me
7 Emancipator When I Go (Ft. Thao Nguyen)
8 Five Seasons Love Apple (Lemongrass Wet Dreams Remix)
9 Ielo Into You (Extended Version)
10 Sine Flying
11 Second Sky Too Far
12 Lemongrass Feel All The Time
13 Robert Manos Silver
14 SoulAvenue One By One (ft. Shaheen Sheik)
15 Xemplify  
16 Nux Feel The Vibe
17 Minus Blue Be As One
18 Alex Whalen Pursue The Truth
19 Cyril Boehler Sleepwalking (ft. Jamie Lloyd)
20 Rosey Love Bost (Bim Remix)

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