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This week on the show we reach into the vault and pull out of "Best of 2010" show. This repeat is by special request from one of our listeners who reminded me that this show needed to see the light of day once again.

It dates back to December 2010 - Show #269.

Thanks to Tom for the request.

  Artist Track LW Weeks
1 Amyn Insular ft. Far   Debut
2 Bjork Lionsong (Thor lost at sea dub)   Debut
3 Daniel Masson Bab Boujloud   Debut
4 Man In A Room Spoke Low (ft. Rae Rae) 1 3
5 Sounds of Mara Be Mine ft. VQEE   Debut
6 Sambox Via Dinarica   Debut
7 Niteppl Losing Friends is Easy 2 3
8 Sine Morning 5 3
9 Dave Maguire Lighting Up 3 3
10 Landslide Signs of Change (Kelpe Remix)   Debut

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