Top 10

  Artist Track LW Weeks
1 Monta at Odds Grasping Infinity   Debut
2 Dee C'Rell ft. Richelle Claiborne & Tim Gelo Whodoo (Berlin Beach Mix)   Debut
3 Be Svendsen Drop the Gun   Debut
4 An-ten-nae Are We Human   Debut
5 Nighmares on Wax Look Up (ft. Andrew Ashong & Saide Walker) (Stripper Beatless Mix)   Debut
6 Five Seasons Free Yourself (ft. Gushi)   Debut
7 Dr. Deep House Sightseeing   Debut
8 Fancy Feelings Nyla   Debut
9 Pretty Lights Rainbows & Waterfalls   Debut
10 Flunk Lost Causes (SKL Remix)   Debut

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