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We wrap our best of 2012 showcase with the best exclusive #1 tracks of the week on Below Zero.  A great year in music with the release of artist albums by Aandra, Compton, Shine, Openzone Bar, and Artemis just to name a few.  There were also those artists who returned with some amazing EP work such as Dee C'Rell, Beaumont, Castlebed and Dam Mantle.  There was the return of the old psychedelic act known as Ooze who were on the legendary 'SpiritZone Records', now defunct but brought back to us from our good friens at Aleph Zero.

There were our always reliable talents such as Diventa Music, Lemongrass Music, Sine Music and Tailored Communication who supplied Below Zero with countless tracks and talents in 2012.

We were sad to say goodbye however to our good friends known as Shine.  They announced their break-up in 2012 and although they are gone they are certainly not forgotten.  Below Zero will continue on into 2013 and we thank you our listeners for your support in donations to help keep the chill alive as well as listening and reaching out for feedback.  Please keep helping to spread the word of our show, we'll be here, bringing you the best downbeat groove we can find.





In 2008 Below Zero was lucky enough to have Julian Lennon's blessing to join our crew.  Every week since we have shared a "pick of the week" which has included some amazing artists over the years.  This year was no exception with artists such as Denison Whitmer, Lo Tide, Matt Backer, Maus Haus and Ben Taylor to name just a few of the best picks of 2012.

We also were happy to share with everyone the UK release of "Everything Changes" by Julian Lennon. This was the long awaited return of Julian, his 6th album to date and had a beautiful mixture of haunting, upbeat and emotional tracks throughout.  Several of the songs fit the Below Zero vibe perfectly, such as 'Beautiful', 'Hold On', and 'Don't Wake Me Up'.  In case you missed them, we share these with you during each hour of the Best of 2012 Picks of the Week.

Everything Changes



For the past 7 years we have always taken the last few weeks of the year to reflect on all the amazing music we have shared and enjoyed all year on Below Zero.

We are truly blessed to have so many terrific artists and labels worldwide support our show by sharing the music they worked so hard to create.  Over the years Below Zero has slowly morphed from a straight lounge/chillout show into something much deeper.  We realized a few years ago the world was beginning to crowd with the format we had worked hard to pioneer.

So we continued to dig down deeper and deeper, and that came with the introduction of our weekly "Breakthrough Artists" on the show in 2011.  Each week BZ would take an artist that we thought was either on the cutting edge of downbeat, or had simply put out something that needed to have an extra spotlight.

This addition of the "Breakthrough Artists" began to really infiltrate the show in 2012 as our format no longer was just simply lounge and chillout, but a focus on music that is more of a BZ Vibe.  It is music that can be lounge, chill, down tempo, dub, indie, nudisco, and house.  It isn't about the type of genre but if it fits the downbeat groove in the world of BZ.  Hence, the Penguins give you our Best of Breakthrough Artists 2012.

Some noteable Artists/Tracks for 2012:

The XX - Angels (Shiny Objects Remix)

Momu - Comin' Up Alright

Hybrid - Blind Side

Purlie - The One

Minor Rain - In The Forest

Setsuna - Crystalize

Space Ranger - Nothing's Wrong

Fink - Perfect Darkness (close remix)

Tomi Swick - December Sky (ft. Julian Lennon)

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Below Zero has costs to keep the show running in the form of hosting and music.  We appreciate any help to keep the chill alive.



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