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julian new1"If I was gonna write again I had to live again I had to look deep inside myself and start again." So says Julian Lennon of his decision to return to the music industry after an absence of seven years.  Music - Photography - Documentary

Below Zero = huge fans.  Read and learn more of what goes on in Julian's world.


ks infoStumble featuring Parcels (@parcels-music) is a gorgeous piece of danceable indie electronica built on a poignant and nostalgic jazz piano chord progression.

Beautifully fragile and cinematic.

sinfangSing Fang hails from Reykjavik, Iceland and describes his style and sound as experimental indie.

His full name is Sindri Már Sigfússon and he is signed to Morr Music.

His album, Summer Echoes was released in March 2011.

dudubeatThe artist Dudubeat from Russia have produced some oriental Lounge Tracks. Enjoy the Asian Sound from Russia!  Released on Diventa Music - enjoy the collection!

mojardo2Mo’jardo is a music project by three friends living in three different countries: Bevan Mearns from New Zealand now based in Bangkok (Thailand) is the producer, accompanied by Rick Kilcullen (Australia) and Chris Jungo (Switzerland). A meeting up again after around 20 years led to the Mo’jardo musical project being created. Mo’jardo was signed to the eclectic Lemongrass Music Label back in 2013 with their outstanding track “Tequila Days” which was first featured on “Lounge Du Soleil Vol.15” in the summer of 2013. mojardoLadies and gentlemen - here comes Mo'jardo's new album "Expressions Du Désir" Now available in most download stores worldwide.
After their successful debut "25 Floors Up“ which Mo’jardo had released on  the Lemongrassmusic label in summer 2013, the trio now present their new EP "La Cultura“. Six new tracks taking you from cocktails on the beach to a roof top bar - then onto a jazzy house den to sooth the soul with funky grooves and late night trumpets.
mojardo"La Cultura“ is a true multicultural work. The name explains the various flavours within the tracks and it also reflects the fact that the 3 musicians come from 3 separate cultures:Bevan Mearns from New Zealand now based in Bangkok (Thailand) is the producer, accompanied by Rick Kilcullen (Australia) and Chris Jungo (Switzerland).  iTunes

arlingodwin saveme

Arlin Godwin continues to reach into the vault and pull some of his chilled out tracks.  This is a remastered single, as Arlin was playing around with some new mastering software (Izotope's Ozone 7) he said he began to mess around with a song called "Save Me". It was put out some time ago on an album called "The Vault" which has since been pulled from stores. However the version of "Save Me" that appeared on that record was a different mix of the song. This version has never been released before and is the so called "original mix".




godwinFunny what can happen when you come out of the closet. In this case I was in a closet and I needed to move some big, heavy cardboard boxes. And since I had consumed a few beverages of the vodka-persuasion I ended up sitting down and opening these mystery boxes out of sheer curiosity. Vodka will do that to you.

To make a long story short, what I discovered were master archival files of a great many tracks done from around 1999 to 2014. They had been stuffed into the closet when I moved to my new condo a few years ago. They were all recorded at 96KHz sampling rate and 64bit depth. Meaning far beyond CD quality. And furthermore, since they had no EQ or compression on them, I could remaster them in Soundtrack Pro and bring out all kinds of details that had not previously been audible.

And so I did. And all 3 versions of "BLUE" are now available!

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