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julian new1"If I was gonna write again I had to live again I had to look deep inside myself and start again." So says Julian Lennon of his decision to return to the music industry after an absence of seven years.  Music - Photography - Documentary

Below Zero = huge fans.  Read and learn more of what goes on in Julian's world.


amAM is an indie rock band formed in Los Angeles, California . The band was founded by AM (vocals, guitar), and consists of Corey Joseph (guitar), Mark Getten (bass), Jesse Nason (keys), Chris Lovejoy (percussion) and Derek Brown (drums).

New AM album “Future Sons & Daughters” plus two bonus tracks available now.

AM is an indie band from Echo Park, an artist community in Los Angeles, California. The lead singer is “AM” whose moniker is derived from his initials. The Wallstreet Journal contacted AM to discuss the fact that search engines could not find him and he was “un-googleable”.

He describes himself as, "California Dream Pop at its finest" and loves to collect music, brazillian 60's music, in fact anything 60's.  He loves movies and Italian soundtracks are his favorite.
natural_calamityNatural Calamity - And That's Saying A Lot (ALT Remix)

Natural Calamity features Shunji Mori (guitar, bass & effects); Kuni Sugimoto (bass& keyboards); Stephane Heasley (vocals); Kyoichi Shiino (drums); K-U-D-O (electronics); Neville Marphie (percussion); Genichie Tamura (pedal steel guitar).  They have been remixed by Groove Armada but Julian chose the Alternative remix as his favorite.

FinkFink - Trouble's What You're In

Over the last year Fink has played some amazing shows from the Big Chill to supporting Zero 7 on tour. He hails from Brighton and his debut album released on Ninja Tune "Biscuits for Breakfast" marked a seismic shift for the label - shelving samples and turntablism in favour of an acoustic guitar and great songs.

goldfrappGoldfrapp - Hairy Trees

Goldfrapp are a British Electronic music group known for their visual theatrics and contribution to the popularization of electronic and chill-out music. They were formed in 1999 and consist of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory. To date they have released four amazing albums and this week's pick focuses on one of their best from the second album, Black Cherry.

VariousVarious - The World Is Gone

The mysterious British duo confuses with their moniker but their dark music and message is clear. A true mash-up of electronica, trip-hop, dub and industrial, Various is forging their own musical path. The release, "The World Is Gone" from XL Recordings is the full-length album after having a stir of singles in the UK as vinyl-only.

Various has taken the walls down with a combo of pop music that is raw and rugged. The duo that makes up Various are Adam & Ian and they work with a various display of vocal talent.

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