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julian new1"If I was gonna write again I had to live again I had to look deep inside myself and start again." So says Julian Lennon of his decision to return to the music industry after an absence of seven years.  Music - Photography - Documentary

Below Zero = huge fans.  Read and learn more of what goes on in Julian's world.


flytThe debut album from Flyt 'Soul Mentality' out now on Refine Recordings and Futuristica Music.  Thirteen tracks of soulful vibes including exclusive remixes by Simon S. and Kira Neris.  

Lush vocals, laid back beats and jazzy overtones define the distinctive Flyt sound. Working out of their North London home studio, husband and wife team Josh and Mary Mycroft have created their own unique style centred around Josh's treasured Fender Rhodes and Mary's evocative voice.

Drawing on their mutual love of soul music old and new, they have beautifully combined the talents of live musicians with programmed beats to create their debut album 'Soul Mentality'.  The result is a flawless example of soothing, organic contemporary soul music born of a shared vision which realises their love, not only of good music but also of each other.


Frank Molder

Frank Molder acts as musician, producer, remixer and DJ of electronic music. The sound Frank Molder produces is a combination of different music genres characterized by classical, experimental and electronic influences. At the age of 6 he learned the piano and his musical interest grew since then.

Influential groups such as Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream or Genesis impacting Frank’s development tremendously due to the same association of the creative genius.

Frank Molder produced and published numerous tracks and albums under the well-known net label 1bit-wonder.com. Additional productions followed for several sound recordings / back ground music / soundtracks and some commercial projects in the field of Chillout / Ambient – Sampler.


Sukpatch are Chris Heidman and Steve Cruze. Their album '23' is a glorious trip into their hazy, psychedelic world, where lazy guitar riffs ease around woozy beats and hypnotic synths. Somewhat unsurprisingly the duo formed as a stoned accident in the summer of 1990 while roommates in the dorms at Colorado State University, quickly discovered that they shared a prediliction for a little light substance abuse whilst listening to such band as The Butthole Surfers, Velvet Underground, De La Soul, Primitives, Spacemen 3, Loop, Captain Beefheart, amongst others.

A mutual friend showed them how to make tape loops using old reel-to-reels. A few days later, they picked up a few machines from a thrift store and started experimenting. In no time at all they had five or six songs that had a very distinct sound. Sukpatch's early independent releases caught the ear of Mike D. of the Beastie Boys, who fell in love with the music and gave them a record deal on Grand Royal. He was also interested in the boys' idea of turning the Tibetan Freedom show into a traveling riverboat extravaganza.

Soon the Sukpatch fellas found themselves cooped up for 3 months in Mick Fleetwoods former Malibu estate with a Hip-Hop hillbilly whose claim to fame was having produced "Insane In The Membrane" by Cyprus Hill. Unfortunately all parties were totally unsatisfied with the final product, (which resembled a Uriah Heep record more than it did Sukpatch). The disks were ritually burned but not before (much to the shame of the boys), being later released in southeast asia under the title "Natualisms".

Soon after the debacle in Malibu, Grand Royal filed for chapter eleven, closed it's doors and released all of their bands. Feeling defeated, the Sukpatch retreated to their country homes and tried to shake off the demons of a typical experience in the commercial record industry. They began writing their new album '23'.

These songs combined a "lost era" where both Steve and Chris were recording independently not thinking that another album would ever come out. Truthfully, neither really cared. This carefree effervesence sparkles through the gamut of styles on '23', from the gentle stoner hum of opener '7-30 Tomorrow' to the punchy winsome electro wig out of 'Medium Self Employed' or the squalling MBV guitars of Radon it's obvious that this is a band easy in their own skin and sounding all the better for it.


Robin Guthrie is a musician best known as co-founder of the Cocteau Twins. During his career Guthrie has played guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and other musical instruments, in addition to programming, sampling and sound processing. Guthrie also works extensively as a producer and engineer.

Following the break-up of the Cocteau Twins in 1998, Guthrie would go on to work on his solo career, collaborating with other talented artists as well as helping to found and run Bella Union Records.

In 2006, Guthrie signed a four-album solo deal with Darla Records, the first product of which was the LP Continental. He subsequently released two four-track EPs, Everlasting and Waiting for Dawn, and the track "Argenta" on the compilation Little Darla has A Treat For You v.24: Endless Summer Edition.

Guthrie has also collaborated with singer Siobhan de Maré (formerly of Mono) as the band Violet Indiana. Their first full-length LP, Roulette, was released in 2001 to much critical acclaim. A second album, Russian Doll, followed in 2004. In March 2006 Guthrie reported on his weblog that the group had started work again on new material. A new solo LP Carousel was released on Darla Records on September 28th, 2009. Additionally,

Guthrie issued the Angel Falls EP in the Spring of 2009, and will release the EP , Songs To Help My Children Sleep on November 17, 2009. A further EP Sunflower Stories has been recorded but a release date has not yet been given.

The release of the album Carousel offers the drifting beauty of Robin's guitar work with a nice uplifting melody, especially with the track "Sparkle".robinguthrie_carouselcoverart


Kishi Satoru, projects his world in sound. A layered, multi-dimensional, evolving and expanding; workings of streamlined melodies. Influenced  by the 60's Modal Jazz, his sense of orchestration has the sophistication and subtlety of one of the most aesthetically satisfying periods/mutations in Music.

Combined with the 70's free-wheeling Soul --- Kishi's music is a natural for cross-overs ... Down-Tempo Wired, Chilled and ready to Lounge ... From Tokyo to Rio to Paris or any style-literate capitals in the World --- This music will fly high.


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