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julian new1"If I was gonna write again I had to live again I had to look deep inside myself and start again." So says Julian Lennon of his decision to return to the music industry after an absence of seven years.  Music - Photography - Documentary

Below Zero = huge fans.  Read and learn more of what goes on in Julian's world.


paulsenstryczekOnce met a daydreamer and a master in the art of living, a studio freak and a street musician, a singer-songwriter and a groove inventor. What sounds like a get-together of a few exceptional characters, is the electrifying interplay of Paulsen & Stryczek's very fine talents and forces, endowing the duo's best for another truly breathtaking album adventure. "Scratched like my soul" is their third album release on Lemongrassmusic, a well-grounded, warm glowing journey of 13 electro-acoustic soundscapes. Oftentimes, the album is ruled by variable, exquisite guitar work, which is naturally reinforcing the earthy expression, the album pleasantly radiates. Occasionally propelled by uplifting grooves, a dash of Dub, Tango or Lounge, the journey remains excitingly colourful.
The beautiful Opener "Sahara" sets the tone, followed by the probably best song of the album. With catchy vocals and a bluesy guitar riff,"Scratched Like My Soul" sounds like a reminiscent to Zero7 and Bill Withers at the same time. Each following song maintains the high quality level, while a subtle, irresistible longing keeps increasing. A blissful tinge, telling about the beauty of our world, sweeps us away. Clouds drift by, sea waves roll ashore, shady alleys of majestic trees with leaves rustling in the wind - such imaginary pictures flood one's brain, while Paulsen & Stryczek keep telling us their road stories.
Jens Paulsen is probably best known for his groundbreaking releases under his monikers „Patchwork“ (Spirit Zone Recordings) and „Bazille Noir“ (Jubilee Records). He met Daniel Stryczek on a small festival in Northern Germany back in 2010. Daniel's passion for songwriting and acoustic instruments perfectly compliments with Jens Paulsen's studio skills. For "Scratched Like My Soul" a mandolin player, two vocalists and a field recordings sound collector with some old tapes in his pockets joined the pathway of production.

dubmarsWith the new album "Always And Everywhere“ Dub Mars presents his 3rd longplayer on Lemongrassmusic. 13 vocal tracks and 2 instrumentals shape a truly song-orientated work with a considerable potential for relaxation and for enjoying the calm moments of the day. Except for the cover version "Only Time“ by Enya all the tracks were written and produced by Dub Mars.


The project name says it all – Dub Mars makes kind of dubby music, sometimes with a Chill House feel. A unique base for his unique songs.... regarding the lyrics you will often find ambiguous statements which are not always transparent to the listener.


The songs reflect Dub Mars’ current moods and attitudes in life. Following this relaxed and cosmopolitan approach to life and the fine sense of humor many listeners could identify with the songs and possibly find a buddy for life. The producer and songwriter behind Dub Mars is Mario Christofferson from Northwest Germany. He also participates in further projects like $uperchrome, Breakfast Brothers, Puch, Takt 3, Julienne and Mario Santo.



dubmars givemesomemoreMars (alias Mario Christofferson) is back with his second longplayer „Give Me Some More“.  On this album he carries on the concept of the first album, coming up with 15 unique and many-folded vocal tracks. The music has a true Electronica and Dub feeling with lots of modern impact. His warm-hearted mostly analogue vibes take the listener through this album, underlining his poetry with a blend of Downtempo and sometimes even heavy dope beats.

Only the purpose to express the mood of the very moment is what counts to him – whether sunny or melancholic, funny or sad, up or down. Like the preceding album „Give Me Some More“ is a fine and rare piece of honesty and unadorned human reality.  Mario Christofferson from Germany is a producer, musician, singer and songwriter. Being in the music scene for more than 20 years, he is also the man behind projects such as $uperchrome, Puch, Takt3, Breakfast Brothers, Julienne, Mario Santo and more.


 dubmarsDub Mars - a storyteller?! Oh yes, he is. Carefully built in 15 chapters, he is providing us an audio journey, which is born out of the very moment, reflecting the presence, past and future. But do not expect any extraordinary issues. The album is meant as a little collection of daily life snippets, which we all experience once in a while, only with a slightly different, personal note. Is Dub Mars telling the truth of life?! Well, Dub Mars doesn't know if he does, and he doesn't care. Only the purpose to express the mood of the very moment is what counts to him - whether sunny or melancholic, funny or sad, up or down. Therefore "The Storyteller" is a fine and rare piece of honesty and unadorned human reality.

Dub Mars is a one man show. Mario Christofferson from Germany is "The Storyteller"' - a producer, musician, singer and songwriter. Being in the music scene for more than 20 years, he is also the man behind projects such as Hell-g and Cara Mc Queen as well as $uperchrome, Puch, Takt3, Breakfast Brothers, Julienne, Microraum, Mario Santo and many more. Musically his mix of styles is all about Electronica but in various facets. Dub Mars goes beyond cliché and doesn't care for genre limitations. In this self-created freedom a unique Dub Mars sound has developed. Stunningly it all appears so simple and logical. Obviously this guy knows about the secret of being one-pointed, not wasting time on useless decorating sounds and effects. Only his voice gets a treatment. Vocoder and similar effects add an artificial appeal. Sometimes "The Storyteller" may appear a bit rough sounding but it is always warm-hearted.
Mario Christofferson underlines his poetry with a blend of Downtempo, sometimes even heavy Dope-Smokin'-Beats, various up-tempo tunes melting bits of Dub, Soul, House and Rare Grooves. The warmth of an analogue production is willingly set as an element of style. Some parts are even lo-fi sounding incorporating the approach of simplicity. The album is taking off with a beautiful ballad called "Between the lines". A dark shimmering love letter perfectly fitting to Mario Christofferson's silky voice. Followed by "Everything will always be good", switching to the positivity of a bright day. "Lost in thought" rides on a lovely percussion. Even if Dub Mars doesn't care at all, "The Storyteller" is musically up to date, cool and hip. It is an album of songs, telling about the beauty and the challenge of human life. If you do not get the message, just get closer and give it a chance once more.

samboxOne year after "Suite Montaigne" here is the 5th album of SAMBOX released under the french label "Concorde Avenue" entitled "Guest Star".  It's a travel between electro lounge and chillout music for your beautiful relaxing moment.  The album is available for digital release the April 16, 2016 on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play , 7 digital.


After studying classical music, SAMBOX moving towards lounge music, chillout, ambient and deep house sometimes. His productions appear in 50 CD compilations of references Lounge (Chillout Guide, Buddhattitude, Blue Marlin, Dubai Eklektic, Café Solaire ...) His music is also used for television (Alles was zählt, Le rêve de Diana (M6 / Teva) , Belle toute nue (M6) but also for luxury hotel, spa (Das Tegernsee, George V, Porsche Design, Westin ... ) Other projects are currently in progress ...


Check out the lastest release, "La Parisienne" by Sambox

biasSince making a name for himself back in the nineties as Lewis Parker's DJ, Bias has gone on to become recognised as one of the UK's top producers.

Combining Check Your Head era Beastie funk with psychedelic bliss, sultry and reflective soul, forgotten folk, early 70's groove-Pop and a healthy anything goes sample attitude, this DJ turned producer delivers a timeless and smooth amalgamation of beats and sounds that works equally well for those rain spattered window pane moments of solitude as well as those lively endless summer days.

"music that is mature enough to replace a wannabe attitude with enough personality and courage to create something that is overall beautiful."

LoDown Magazine

Also known as simply jamenos when he’s got his funk and disco hat on, B-Jam vs Enos is this talented Edinburgh-based producer’s hip-hop and downtempo beats moniker. Flipping crusty old soul and funk samples, integrating vintage and analog synths, chopping up beats, and putting out bumpin’ moody atmospheric vibes is what he does best. Now B-Jam has resumed the voyage with Dog Concept, his debut long player on the WeGrowWax imprint. Within its eleven tracks B-Jam peers beyond the horizon, absorbing fresh, worldwide sounds which reference the past but always look forward. These brand new jams touch on boom bap, jazz, future beats, and soul, all while stirring hallucinations of ocean views and the pacific highway. The tension of the set’s standout track “Incidental Vision” is impossible to ignore with its sense of the unknown, flickering amongst dark drums, moody synthesizers, and a mysterious, proclaiming vocal. Irresistible head-nodders like “Toast” and “Snout Soul” also are on hand to captivate, balancing tough beats with deep and melodic atmospherics. The jazzy “Finding Reality” – a collaboration with Sarkar – and the dance floor soul of “Quadcorkle” – in cahoots with Bethune – reveal other sonic facets of this impressive collection. Always progressing and soaking up new sounds and ideas, this is another step on BJam’s journey into the future. Destination unknown but its an enjoyable ride.

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