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julian new1"If I was gonna write again I had to live again I had to look deep inside myself and start again." So says Julian Lennon of his decision to return to the music industry after an absence of seven years.  Music - Photography - Documentary

Below Zero = huge fans.  Read and learn more of what goes on in Julian's world.


silentriderSilent Rider is an electronic downtempo band hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Made up of Reed Kackley, Aaron Goodrich and Ryan Payne, this trio releases it's first single with the same name of their new EP, 'Rave Love'.

GOASTT Web BannerThe GOASTT is two people, Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl. It is, in itself, a chimera; a fabulous creature made with parts of two distinctly different creatures. It is also an acronym, as you might guess from its being capitalized like that. By virtue of being a friend to, and fan of, both the zygotes in this organism, I know what its letters stand for, but it's not mine to reveal. I expect they will do so at some future point.

Having driven my Ducati to Sean and Kemp's house through the darkened October streets of 4 am New York to type these words, I realize the absurdity of my task. If I wrote a novel and gave its protagonists stories of origin like the ones from which the two parts of GOASTT arose, people would say I was a fabulist in need of a hyperboectomy. Or an artless sophomore. But life is allowed a liberty with plotlines that novelists are not.


Check out the video for 'Animals'

lustralWhen British producers Ricky Simmonds and Steve Jones joined together to form Lustral, they started a partnership that would last for over fifteen years. Banking on genuine musicality and inspired concepts, the duo saw club and chart success with their very first record: ‘Everytime’ featuring Tracy Ackerman. That was in 1997, and the duo have made waves under a handful of influential aliases since their inception.

After a string of exceptional releases, Lustral return once again in 2014 for the release of their latest album: ‘Empathy’. Coming four years after their last creation, ‘Empathy’ reflects the time, care, and dedication needed to produce a record of substance. This is the kind of record you can look back on and be proud of, decades down the road.

anukaiarunAnukai Arun is a natural. It is rare in todays contemporary musical climate to find both a natural talent and a unique vocal stylist and interpereter. Anukai has developed a vocal style that is free from the confines and limitations of language, equipped with an un-equalled emotional range, leaving all who encounter her performances deeply moved and Mesmorised

The music of the “Klangwelten für die Seele” (sounds for the soul) by Andy Eicher and Wolfgang Tejral is the perfect base for Anukai Arun and her art of singing. Based on loops with harmonic chords they change the arrangement with every loop just enough to keep the musical effect subconcious. In this music you might find elements of different styles but in a very distinct way.

tomikaTomika is a Hungarian DJ and producer. Debuting in 2009, releasing his first EP, 'Del Cielo EP' which has already been playing by big international DJ's like Reboot, Nick Curly, Ilario Alicante etc. With such a great springboard for his career with 'Del Cielo', more & more labels are looking after Tomika because of this, and get him gigs all over.. Peoples say that there's no one in this world, who doesn't like Del Cielo. In 2010 Tomika got an invitation, for one Remix EP from Del Cielo. This is released on the legend big Deutsche label Supdub, with 3 amazing remixes, and a one new version from T o mika. After this he's released more great EP's and remixes on many other labels. 2011 was an amazing year for Tomika, in Januar he's released 'La Lluvia Le Limpia EP' on 12" Vinyl. This EP was 1'st on the sales chart in few day! This EP on Elevation Limited is currently riding high on Decks, regularly played by top worldwide djs like Luciano, Karotte, Andrew Grant, 2000 And One, Sebo K, Davide Squillace, Paco Osuna, Dubfire, Carlo Lio and many more.. Planning future releases on more great labels, on 12" and digital too, and unique remixes from himself! As well coming EP's together with great big artists. Also he is received many invitations for gigs, like Tel-Aviv, Bari, London.. Tomika's sounds is very specially, and everyone falls inlove with his style. Nowadays he is working on many new project, working on his first artist album, new label, cooperation with big international artist and great new talents.

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