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julian new1"If I was gonna write again I had to live again I had to look deep inside myself and start again." So says Julian Lennon of his decision to return to the music industry after an absence of seven years.  Music - Photography - Documentary

Below Zero = huge fans.  Read and learn more of what goes on in Julian's world.


glam_samGlam Sam and his Combo is the brain child of Mats Samuelsson, a Stockholm-based writer and music lover.

During a year of inspirational fun, these 18 tracks evolved and got filled with all the things Glam Sam loves about music: the jazz, the disco, the funk and the soul, the grooves and the coolness as well as fun samples and top vocals.

The bubbling jazzy and funky rhythm section is accompanied with swaying pianos, rhodes, groovy guitars and organs, playful horns and, yeah, some vibraphones as well.

“Love your tunes!! Puts me back in the Friday mood. Mmmmm”, says the wonderful Hilde Louise Asbjornsen, Norway's number 1 jazz singer.

Yeah, it’s good! It’s groovy! So, groovers of the world, unite and get ready for Glam Sam and his Combo.

Yes, "Groovy!", the first album from Sweden's Glam Sam and his Combo, is out NOW on Itunes, Beatport, Amazon, Junodownload and all other good portals. Worldwide, dudes and ladies. Stay tuned, stay cool, stay groovy!


DJ Soneca a.k.a Rodrigo Ulson is also known as Trotter and Timewarp Music presents his first release.  The album has 14 tracks along with 5 bonus tracks and remixes from the likes of Good Funk Alliance, B-Team, Timewarp Inc., Quasamodo, Zel, Phunk Dub and Umbo & Balatz.

Timewarp Music collaborated with Brazil's Royal Soul Records for this release showing once again music has no borders.  This is Lounge meets Tech and Funky Breaks combined with a nice House feel.  It is the combination of different styles that Rodrigo Ulson enjoys as well as using different musical elements.  "A culture of sound, bringing us back the positive beats."

Check out the release Trotter - Positive Culture

hawkeEighth Dimension Records is pleased to announce the release of +++, the fourth artist album by Hawke, the song-crafting nome-de-plume of producer/DJ Gavin Hardkiss. Recorded in San Diego and San Francisco between 2004 and 2009, the album was conceived as a creative statement of naive beauty and possibility. “At times I tried to imagine what it would sound like if I was a teenager again making this music alone in my bedroom,” Gavin says. “Romantic and futurist, confident and vulnerable, sexually charged and childlike, anticipating something big to happen.”

Drawing inspiration from the electronic/”alternative music” hybrids prevalent during the late 80’s “Second Summer Of Love” +++ is awash in stylistic curiosities, spirited lyrics, evocative instrumentation, and solid melodies. Its genre-blurring disposition is evident in such gems as “Inside Job” (a dub-influenced ode to theft and temptation penned with original Steve Miller Band guitarist David Denny), the exuberant “Monday Comes And Goes” (a defiant stand against the Monday morning condition), the playful “Everything Is Happening At The Same Time“, and “Bob’s My Uncle” (Gavin’s take on the classic Happy Mondays’ song).hawkeartworkFor Hawke’s +++, Gavin Hardkiss draws deep into his influences, referencing songs and memories from his youth, but still reveals his place in “electronic music royalty” (according to Wired Magazine) with psychedelic dance flourishes. The gorgeous and cascading “My Mom Is Your Dad” would not have been out of place on the seminal Hardkiss album Delusions of Grandeur. And “These Combinations Have Not Been Before” (featuring, as Gavin says, the voice of “a being from another dimension”) is filled with a thorough introspection which almost disguises its hypnotic, steady dance rhythm.

Read More About Gavin Hardkiss


Iain Archer
is a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland, who was once a member of the indie band Snow Patrol.

Iain comes from a musical background and released several solo albums in the mid 90s on the small Scottish independent label Sticky Music. After a stint with Snow Patrol and a side project with Snow Patrol’s frontman Gary Lightbody in Reindeer Section, he returned to his solo career.

In 2004 he released his album Flood The Tanks.  In 2005 Iain picked up an Ivor Novello Award as part of the songwriting team behind Snow Patrol’s Final Straw album.  In 2006 he released the album Magnetic North.
Mason_SinukusThe two chilled-gurus work hard behind the scenes at Below Zero and have been playing gigs together for over 8 years.

They met through a mutual friend at ANU located in San Francisco on 6th Street. Dahi was playing a Sinukus mix while Mason enjoyed a few pints and the music got Mason to inquire about the beats Dahi was playing.

Since then they have done a weekly formerly known as ThumpChill as well as launched the show Below Zero.  Had it not been for beer and beats, these two would have never met which would have meant no Below Zero.  Thankfully since their initial meeting the music and pints have flowed nicely.

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