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julian new1"If I was gonna write again I had to live again I had to look deep inside myself and start again." So says Julian Lennon of his decision to return to the music industry after an absence of seven years.  Music - Photography - Documentary

Below Zero = huge fans.  Read and learn more of what goes on in Julian's world.


jukes2"Something Important" will be released at the end of June 2009 on Gilles Petersons' Brownswood Bubblers 3 compilation.  Tammy Payne has never sung in a hardcore punk band, but that’s about the only thing she hasn’t done in a varied and eclectic musical career. Working from 17 on a cruise liner, spontaneity took over on arrival in the USA, where she jumped ship with a friend and a musical odyssey began. On the ensuing road trip Tammy began copying the riffs of Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane and drumming in Salsa bands.

On her return to the UK, all of this led to a couple of dance floor hits.  Then, determined to improve her percussive skills, Tammy travelled to Brazil and Amsterdam to learn from the right people. She also spent time hanging out with her half Arab brother listening to North African Rai music. She learnt to play the drums and played for Patrick Duff of Strangelove, Mckay (Geoff Barrow) and PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish.

Tammy says, "I took to heart a dream I had of hearing singing coming from a cupboard. The singing was so sweet and pure. When I opened the door it was me as a six year old girl. I realised that I wanted to sing with that lack of style, with that purity. I threw away my embellishments and started to sing straight!”

Then came Jukes, the first album, with Twisted Nerve Records. Run by eclectic DJ and Producer Andy Votel and his mate Badly Drawn Boy, it was a perfect place to be. A place where beats and folk were at home together.

The new album to be released by Triumphant Sound is full of classic songs with a twist. Described by some as soulful psychedelic folk, Jukes also recalls Enio Morricone Spaghetti Western music, and bands such as Broadcast and Young Marble Giants.

Listen to the forthcoming single ‘Something Important’

the-brian-jonestown-massacreNamed in tribute to the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist and his influence in introducing Eastern culture and music into the world of Western rock and roll, the Brian Jonestown Massacre formed in San Francisco, California in 1990. Some 40 different members passed through the group"s ranks over the next half of the decade, but throughout their focal point remained singer/guitarist Anton Newcombe, who along with bassist Matt Hollywood, guitarist Dean Taylor, organist Mara Keagal, accordionist Dawn Thomas, drummer Brian Glaze and Spokesman for the Revolution Joel Gion recorded the Massacre"s 1995 shoegazer-influenced debut LP Methodrone.

A collection of early recordings, Spacegirl and Other Favorites, followed on the band"s own Tangible label in early 1996, and was the first of four Brian Jonestown Massacre LPs to appear that year; next up was the brilliant Their Satanic Majesties" Second Request, a full-blown homage to the Stones" glorious psychedelic-era excesses. Recorded live in the studio, the grittier Take It From the Man! found the band exploring even broader territory; finally, the year ended with the release of Thank God for Mental Illness, a showcase for strong country and blues leanings. In 1997, the BJM -- now consisting of Newcombe, Hollywood, Gion, Taylor, guitarists Jeff Davies and Peter Hayes, and drummer Brad Artley -- resurfaced with Give It Back! Upon signing to TVT, they released Strung Out in Heaven the following year, but the band and Newcombe"s eccentricities kept them from staying on the label.

After a few scattered EPs, they resurfaced in 2001 with Bravery Repetition and Noise, distributed by Bomp. And This Is Our Music followed in 2003. Despite a continued lack of major distribution, the Brian Jonestown Massacre earned the largest profile of its career in 2004, when it became the unlikely focus of an award-winning documentary, DIG!, which charted the trials of Newcombe and those of his rival, Courtney Taylor, leader of the Dandy Warhols. We Are the Radio: The Mini Album followed in August 2005. -- Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

castlebed_artistProducer extraordinaire Castlebed on System Recordings creates 'COLORS AT NIGHT', a vibrant 10 song full-length artist album encompassing downtempo, dub, latin, and deep house. Featuring "Silent Flights", "Satellite Beaches" and "High Dive".


candedableCaned & Able have a very wide open sound that ranges from chilled, ambient, dance floor and alternative.  Since impressing far and wide with their beats for bars project, Patrick Bird and Martyn Savigar have now expanded their range of collaborators to weird, wonderful and sometimes audacious effect...

In the immediate vicinity, there’s former specimen and Siouxsie & the Banshees guitarist Jon Klein, drummer Chris Bell [also specimen but a bevy of ‘80s giants too] and, showing up in the course of this hallucino-genic journey, Billie Holliday, Catatonia, Marc Bolan and even the young John Peel.  They have a great amount of musicians and people moving in and out of the studio and their music is solid, BZ looks forward to hearing more from this project.


After success on the club scene as well as being on Café Del Mar compilations 12 times all together. Steen Thottrup just finished his debut downtempo/chillout album "Sunset People", and it certainly is sunset time.

Steen Thottrup has been part of the club scene for 18 years, being one of the first Artists to release a true underground single in Denmark on Kenneth Bagers label Coma Records, back in 1991. Shortly after he moved to London to pursue a more international career as an artist/producer for electronic music.

Steen stayed in London for ten years until 2001 when he released a numerous amount of singles on different high profile labels, such as Effective, Hooj Choons, New State, Southern Fried, Blanco Negro, Milk & Sugar and more.  The result of these releases was, to mention a few, grabbing the attention of Pete Tong's radio show, hitting 12 on the official UK Top 40, and his tracks been played by most big name Dj's world wide.

In 2008 he was asked to do a Steen Thottrup chillout remix of the legendary track 'Infinity - Guru Josh', which by now (early 2009), has earned him a Silver Disc from the U.K (more than 250,000 sold) and a Diamont Impala Award for recognised sales of more than 250,000 sold in Europe.

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